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 Ten Shekels and a Shirt!

Ten Shekels and a Shirt. Just listened to it again. Very, very deep, sobering and true. One of the best messages ever! I can shout a Hallelujah because it is so true -

Because Jesus is Worthy! It's all about Him and not not me, not us! Glory to God!

Bottom line to all Christianity.


He is worthy to be believed
He is worthy to be trusted
He is worthy to be obeyed
He is worthy to be worshiped, praised and adored
He is worthy to be feared - reverenced
He is worthy to be shared
He is worthy to be thanked
He is worthy to be followed and not turn back
He is worthy to have a holy people
He is worthy to have our heart & mind fixed on Him.
He is worthy to be acknowledged as King of Kings & Lord of Lords.
He is worthy to sit at His feet and learn of Him
He is worthy to have souls saved

And so much more. Glory to God.

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 Re: Ten Shekels and a Shirt!

This is one of my favorite sermons. What is most fasinating is how the sermon came about. Rev. Reidhead has many other really good audio sermons.

That I may Know him By Paris Reidhead check it out.

William Cato

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hi,I started a thread on it last week.I think most of it is excellent but I still not sure about what his teaching on salvation.It appears muddled in my opinion but I could be wrong Im not a theologian,Staff

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