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 Re: tools to stop internet porn use

Below is a link to another SI thread which I feel has some wise advice on this topic. Don't be thrown by the thread title. The Holy Spirit brought out some great truth in the thread.


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 Re: good stuff

You are right there is good stuff in this thread.....I still am going to beat the drum for where is the out front discussion in the churches on the subject and where is the help for the folks? If half the male congregation who is on the net is using porn then how can it not go without substantial comment.....let me suggest some resources: which is a no over ride version of safeeyes

These should be links on your church sites and the issue addressed head on....

 2010/11/17 19:02


I've seen some of the men in my church hugging the women folk many times.
Week after week , month after month the same ones hug as many ladies as they can.
Funny thing is I've never seen them hug a man.

 2010/11/17 19:35

 any comments?

I see that over 200 people have been watching this discussion. I challenge you to add as to whether you have been to a porn site on purpose in the last month...This is an anonymous safe place to come clean...give it a try.

 2010/11/17 19:37

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 Re: any comments?

Don't make Jesus laugh!!YOU CANT HELP IT.............BULL ---- He is watching you PLAY him .And christian?YOU WILL REALLY PAY!Is greasy grace your hand lube?Please!!Just try to imagine his torture on Calvary.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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 Re: tools to stop internet porn use

I have found that filtering (without an over ride password) and accuntability reporting (someone can see where I surf) is a great solution, "a way of escape".

Although it does not solve the core problem of addiction, filtering software for a computer is, in my opinion, a must. It sure cuts down on the temptations that are thrust in front of the eyes. We use a filter on our machines. My wife has the passwords. It is really awesome. I NEVER have to worry about racy banner ads, pop ups, etc. They just never appear. Worry free internet usage. It's too bad Walmart does not have a "filter" for the checkout lanes. I am totally for tools that help you, but it is only Jesus who can set you free.


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4Hearts, greasy grace? I despise the term, grace came at the cost of the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord thus, there is nothing greasy about it, it is grace that will pardon and cleanse within, it is grace that will cleanse us from all our sin, there is no such thing as greasy grace. There may be individuals who take advantage of that grace, but that does not make grace "greasy" and, really, don't we all take advantage of God's grace in our own peculiar, individual ways?

Mr. Bill

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 Re: Did you know that porn use is the fastest growing cause of divorce?

But I have this against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and seducing my servants to practice sexual immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols. Revelation 2:20 The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality. And on her forehead was written a name of mystery: "Babylon the great, mother of prostitutes and of earth's abominations." 17:4-5

A year ago I was drinking from this cup of filth. I was captive in Babylon. I lay here in bed next to my wife writing this right now. A year ago I was laying in bed engaging in sexual immorality as she slept beside me.

I loved sports, movies, tv shows, pop fiction books, I loved so many things that I had played the harlot with.
I did not love the Lord Jesus Christ. I loved the world. This is the root. It is spiritual harloty that leads to sexual immorality. First the spirit convicted me of how I played the whore with my God. Then the Spirit convicted me of how I really wanted to make God my prostitute to get blessings, and gifts, and eternal life, All about what he could give me if I payed him lip service. I was utterly wicked And I thought I was righteous. I deserved hell, I still do. I had to confess to my wife, I had to confess how I was holding the cross of Christ up to contempt, and as a result my witness was scattering instead of gathering.

I had to Repent of my Sins. And as I came to myself, and I saw the filth I was living in, the Pigs were all around me, I said I HAVE SINNED AGAINST HEAVEN AND EARTH AND I AM NOT WORTHY TO BE CALLED YOUR SON.

The father saw me, a long way off, I was covered in filth. I was covered in my snot and my tears. I was helpless.



He called me his son. He said that I was his child and that he loved me. He has given me his Spirit so that I will never go back to wallowing in the filth with those Pigs again, because he loves me, and I love him. It is now unthinkable that I would ever go back.

The forgiveness found at the Cross of Jesus Christ is so overwhelming. He is so full of Grace. I would rather die then do that to my God again, my hearts desire, my greatest love, never, ever, ever again. I know that nothing will separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

Brothers, you who are in this filth, come to yourselves, Repent and see the filth you are wallowing in, the Father is looking for you, he wants to run out to you and scoop you up in his arms. Please God set the captives free. Oh come out of her my people, come out. Drink from this filthy cup of abomination no longer. There is mercy in My Father's Arms. He love us so much, so, so , much.

My Son has come home. He was lost now he is found. He was dead now he lives. My Son, My Son, has come home.


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 Re: Shamefaced

I've been interested in this topic for awhile; why are Christian men tempted to view pornography? It seems to simplistic to say "they are consumed by lust and their depraved nature". Though there may be some truth to the aforementioned statement, has it been considered that the temptation to view pornography may spring from a lack of intimacy in their marriage? Since emotional and sexual intimacy is often on par with one another in the male psyche, lack of intimacy (more than just sexual) may result in seeking perceived intimacy from pornography. Loss of intimacy can result from many different causes: illness of a spouse, marital problems, behavioral problems of a spouse, ect... This is not an excuse to view pornography by any means but rather an opportunity to assess some of the root causes of this issue.

I think it is mostly indeed the consumption of lust and depraved nature. The "lack of intimacy," "spousal illness," "marital problems," and "behavioral problems of a spouse," are not things the cross fixes for "me." The cross cannot fix in me...external factors. I think these ought to only be labeled as such. All of these can be construed as excuses. If I ever approach any of my own personal sin with a construct that requires a more "saline" environment. I will never experience victory. Adam and Eve enjoyed the bliss of Eden, there was never a more perfect environment for anyone...yet sin entered through this one man. This one man who I know so well because I am/was him.

I am an ex-addict, and while temptation may arise on a daily basis, my lust has been sledge-hammered to the cross. All its putrid, vile wretchedness is now enjoying rigormortis in the wind. I cannot emphasize enough brothers (and sisters) the importance of the fruit of self-control which only comes from the Holy Spirit.

I quipped at the beginning of this thread that accountability is helpful, but it is only skin deep. Once the accountability is removed, and circumstances present you a plate of Turkish Delight, you will go right after it again with rampant ardor, and the devil will set up vacancy in your life and throw a block party for all his homies. You cannot simply "reform" or "clean" your house out. You must be filled with the Holy Ghost, Jesus must be living out his will through you. You must be his glove.

It must be the love of Christ compelling us to hate work out our salvation with fear and trembling in such a way that we do not want to disappoint our Lord.

About thirty good long readings through the book of Galatians, with an open heart and a ready mind, and a will to submit to its deepest truths wrecked lust for me. The book of Galatians is like a border-patrol agent that deported me from a world of self absorption to a state of grace.

Rule keeping is a beggarly replacement for walking in the Spirit. This is where so many "holiness" people get it wrong in my opinion. People make up all sorts of rules, or construct all sorts of paper houses in order to protect themselves from the elements of sin. God already offered us His solution, it is the cross. While God has offered us all this gift of freedom, the only way it is appropriated is through a reckoning. Reckon your death. Walk in the newness of the Spirit. Here there is no "rule," rather here is what the "rules," are always trying to point us too.

Who would ever want to live in a description of a house? No one in their right mind would ever ever consider such folly (the avant garde notwithstanding.) Rather, they do what is more sensible...they live in what was once described, and has moved on to being constructed. Every house begins with a "plan," but a plan only serves a purpose for a while.

This is grace, this is New Covenant life. This is what Jesus gave everything up for...

May God grant the grace for any brother or sister who cannot overcome this to see this sin for the puke that it is. May we respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit..."Now to him that is able to keep thee from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy. To the only wise God and Savior, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever, Amen!" -Jude 24-25

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: MyVeryHeart

Bro, that was an AWESOME post, what a testimony! Brought tears to my eyes man. All I have to say to that is, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." -Revelation 12:11

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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