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 In need of help.

First i want to say i am so grateful for this site. Finally I have found a place where I see the fire of passion for Christ!
I am in need of guidance or at least some opinions of my situation. A little background before i ask for help.
I have been in Christ/Him in me for about a year now. I am not bound/tied down by anything or anyone, just Christ. I hunger for Him always not ever getting enough, but my issue is that I don't know where to go or what to do. I have been devoting my time to anything I can get my hands into. I have been preaching as often as a can, leading a youth, volunteering at a ministry that gives to the needy, but it isn't enough. I know I need to be somewhere else, but God isn't telling me where. I believe this with my whole heart He is letting me decide and is going to be with me where ever I go. Fyi He does talk to me but never to where i need to go. I can't stay here though. I believe I am called to His purpose but He is letting me choose the area. I'm not sure what I need to do, where I need to go. Its driving me crazy. I groan to Him about it but He doesn't reply to me concerning this.
Here is my thoughts on what to do or where my heart is really burdened at. First is the lost. As Christians I believe this is a calling that all Christians are commanded to fulfill. (Matt 28:19-20) That is going to be the focus where ever I end up. What I feel at this moment is that the American Church is about to change/reform. I would like to find one of these Churches where they are uniting the body of Christ and bringing the Glory to God. ALL the Churches I see in my community are lost. Their all worried about being saved and couldn't care less about being Holy.
Ok, I'm going to stop here. I ask for any input or scripture.

Thank you,
Brother in Christ, Joe

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Mindanao, Philippines

 Re: In need of help.

Good Evening. Here's the one else can tell you what the Lord is saying to you. I can testify to His working in my life.

The hunger you are describing is VERY familiar. In the past, especially in the early days of my calling, I described it as a physical hunger; it's the kind of hunger that grows stronger even after you eat a meal. There was no curbing or satisfying it. The description changed as i changed and came into alignment with the Father's plan. The same stirring caused me to be restless - even difficulties in sleeping.

The more I read and studied the stirring became stronger; however, the Holy Spirit also taught me how to deal with it. Here's what He taught me:
1. Learn to be content whatever the circumstance;
2. Be still and listen;
3. Learn to just do and let Him handle the results; and
4. He is ALWAYS in control.

Finally, He was telling me to wait on Him and His timing. I kept praying and asking! He continued in quietness about my questions, but continued to prepare me. I'm a little dull witted sometimes...come to find out He was telling me to wait. :o)

Prayerfully, this helps you. I worked for several years as a missionary in the USA prior to being sent to the Philippines in 2010. God Bless your endeavors in His name.

Earnestly in Christ,

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 Re: In need of help.

Hi brother Joe,

I appreciate your zeal and heart. Never lose that! Zeal is proved over many years. Paul said, "Woe unto me if I preach not the gospel" (1 Cor 9:16) - he said that after 20 years of already serving the Lord (he was converted between 33-36AD and wrote 1 Cor. around 53-56AD). Paul never lost his passion.

Zeal is so lacking in the church today. But for those with it it's tempting to run ahead of ourselves leaving wisdom behind. Remember that if anything is so pressing that it cannot wait, it's probably not of God.

Ask God if you're ready. If there are many areas in your life that God still needs to deep cleanse you - lusting, envy, spiritual pride, etc then maybe it's better to wait until you can be an example to those whom you minister to. But if you feel that you've walked with the Lord and He has humbled you and made you an overcomer in many areas, and you feel a green light from the Holy Spirit with total peace in your conscience, then perhaps you are free to go! Remember that we must only minister to the proportion of our faith - we should only preach what we are able to practice.

You should also have some mature believers that have been walking with the Lord a long time that you can get some wisdom from and talk to and can be a support to you in your endeavors.

One last thing. Beware of falling prey to the "Martha syndrome". Martha was so busy serving the Lord that she did not have time to sit at his feet and adore to Him like Mary did (Lk 10). Love and devotion to the Lord is #1. Service to the Lord comes after that. It's not our responsibility to change the world, only to do what God tells us to do because He is everything to us and we put His commands over our own passions and desires.


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 Re: In need of help.

Joe; let GOD guide your steps and
direct your ways. HE has promised
to lead you. Jesus said "Where I
am, there will my servant be."

Martin G. Smith

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I think this is your Elijah moment. In that cave you may be somewhat confused, but God will call you out when it is time.

Mike Wright

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 Re: In need of help. scroll to .47 seconds.

If God hasn't moved you from hither to yon, it's because where your at is where He wants you to be. When it's time for you to be somewhere else, you'll know it. Be content on where your at, be thankful that your ministering to the youth. Don't the youth in your city need to be established? Don't they need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ? There are so many people that have never heard though we live in a country where there are thousands of Churches.

I am not bound/tied down by anything or anyone, just Christ

You have no idea how blessed you are in not being bound by anything or anyone.

Your own city is a mission field. Love the people where your at and you won't have eyes that will look else where.

 2010/11/19 17:23

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