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 I started a blog site

People have been after me for some to start a blog site. I write quite a bit about theological themes, etc. So I started one this weekend.

I wrote a welcome intro... but my very first "real post" is Greg Gordon's "95 Theses To The Modern Evangelical Church".

Thought you all might want to take a look. Let me know what you think.


 2010/11/8 6:09

 Re: I started a blog site

So did anyone like it? :-)

 2010/11/8 9:08

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Great blog and idea. keep it up posting good content dear brother. There are 2 banners you could add here on the blog: if you felt led.

God bless you with this new venture, post for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2010/11/8 10:25Profile

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It is really great. I have just touched the surface. I read your "how to find a good Church" This is awesome and of course having Greg's work there is awesome too. It is exciting to see the brethren raising up and lifting up Jesus in this way. We will have no excuse on judgment day for "not knowing". That's for sure.

God continue to glorify Yourself and prepare hearts to receive You, Lord Jesus, and our hearts to receive them. Amen

 2010/11/8 13:06Profile

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 Re: I started a blog site

I subscribed. Looks great. I look forward to some great content.


 2010/11/8 15:05Profile


So did anyone like it? :-)

I love it. It even has the same layout of another blog I used to read and the content was gold like yours

 2010/11/17 4:25

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