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Many professing Christians do sing, pray saying "saying LORD I am ready to surrender all my life to you " . If this was true in many of the confessors the world will have become another Heaven by now. But the LORD knows their hypocrisy about it. Let the spirit point some carnality in their lives example, prayer less, unforgiving spirit, love of money, or that youthful lust called christian dating, so common among the youths etc , their reaction reveals they say things they mean not and become daily liars ; So the world gets darker and darker .
The call of the spirit of the Lord is to forsake all of our Adamic self , that we might gain that which can never be forsaken, which is the PURE HOLY DIVINE NATURE for Eternity. In partaking the Divine nature and unshakable rest and peace is being possess in the midst of a chaos and confuse world. In this we gain the joy we missed in forsaking the sinful Adamic self with its vain custom and Carnality. Yet their is another way which our selfish nature will love to keep . This is the spiritual Isaac in us, which we must also surrender to the altar , knowing HE who kills is able to make alive. How deceptive this part is, for though it must be forsaken one day in the Fire of God judgment against our will, resulting either in eternal loss of crowns of life, or destruction in the fire of Hell, yet is the main obstacle in keeping the Kingdom of God in being fully manifested to the nations.
The gift we received from the Old Adam is the power of Sin and its dominion within which makes us blind and ignorant of the mystery of the Heavenly Life and the LAWS Governing Nature, but the Gift we receive from the ever living Christ is deliverance from sin and its dominion. As we desire and partake more of HIS Spirit which is the Daily Perfect Teacher of those that know HIM . The Heavens become open to us , We partake that very nature which keep the Angels pure and blameless, though they see all the vile and vain pleasures of the sons of men. Noah though he was lonely in a blind sensual generation, but the heavenly Life HE saw and partake made him different . This very heavenly life is present to those that will seek it daily in prayers to ever keep them pure and peculiar in this sinful generation.
james f jarjou


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