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 Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

A couple days ago the Lord taught me something really cool. As a part of the GFA home team we are on a rotation to clean bathrooms. (Glamorous right?) So, today as I was cleaning the bathroom and checking things off of the list, I was praying through some struggles. The end my prayer was just “I want to be more and more like Jesus. I want to be more and more like Him.” So I was almost finished with my job and was polishing the wooden door, when Keith, one of the core staff members at GFA stopped to say thank you. He thanked me for doing the job all the way and making sure that everything got done right. I’m thinking, “Everything done right? If only you knew.”

He said that what I was doing indirectly made him look good since he is in charge of building and grounds upkeep. When K.P. looks at things he would say “Wow, Keith’s doing a good job.”

“What? Excuse me, I’m the one doing this work. Why should he get the credit?”

It made me think, what if we all did things just to give our Father the credit? He’s the boss. If we did things just so that he’d get the praise, life would be so much better. It wouldn’t be a competition to do more because no one would know that you did it in the first place. It’d just be something that God did.

So, what if we did things all the way all the time? Not just on the outside where people can see it, like this door; but sweeping next to the garbage can and dusting the corners? What if we made sure Christ got the credit for that too?

What is there in your life that you are doing half way? Is it trying to make money – or is it your Bible study? Which one is it that Christ is getting credit for? What would you change if you knew everything you were doing in life went into His account and not yours? If everything you did showed up on Jesus’ background check, would you want to hire him?

So that’s what Christ taught me as I was cleaning the bathroom – that I need to be doing things for Him because everything I do is going on His account.


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

Thank you Greg, for this edifying testimony.

Mike Compton

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 Re: Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

"Whatever you do in word or deed;
do all in the Name of the Lord
Jesus, giving thanks through HIM
to GOD our Father."
COL 3:vs17

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

This hit home with me too..He looks at the little things..Faithful in little faithful in much...He tests in the small


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 Re: Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

Thanks Greg for this tender reminder. Doing your work as if we were working for God even at our jobs. I used to work looking for praise of men, but I found that never worked. God is good, all the time.

 2010/11/12 20:17

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 Re: Bathroom Cleaning Into His Account or Mine?

Great post Greg.

Thank you for sharing. Gives us something to pray about and check our hearts.

God be with you!

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