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From singapore.
and having spiritual warfare in my head.
im too embarssed to tell anyone what those are telling me or making me curse in my head

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 Re: HEYLOO :0


Please read through this list and be honest with yourself and confess which areas of the occult you have been practicing in.

-crystal ball
-communicating with the dead
-spirit guides
-automatic writing
-water-witching (dowsing with forked sticks or other objects for water, oil, minerals, underground sewer and water lines, etc.)
-PK (psychokinesis)
-crystal ball
-Tarot cards
-tea leaves
-Open Doors
-Rappings on Wall
-Black Mass
-Satan Worship
-Multiplied Curses
-Female Dominance
-Yielding Male -clairvoyance
-Coloradans psychic powers
-second sight
-death by hypnosis
-remote influence of the subconscious mind of others
-mental science
-black magic
-white magic
-Ruler of Witchcraft
-Baptism in Witchcraft
-neutral (or gray) magic
-good luck items
-handwriting analysis
-Ouija Boards
-Evil Eye
-Occult Fears
-Black arts
-Luv Knot
-Devil's Foot
-Indian Kachina
-Occult Symbols
-Serpent Charmer
-Omens -fetishes
-good luck charms
-crux ansanta (ankh)
-birth signs
-birth stones
-materialization or apport
-magic healing through wart or burn charming
-Pass The Fire
-Hearing Noises
-Psychic Portraits
-Numerology -spiritualism
-psychic spirit or metaphysical healing
-Christian Science healing
-rod or pendulum diagnosis
-trance diagnosis
-All books, literature, music, etc. dealing with occultism
-anything that predicts your future or advises your life
-God's Eye
-Martial Arts
-Third Eye
-Kung Fu
-Lust for Dominance
-Lust for Power
-Calling Evil Spirits
-Great Seal
-Sexual Perversion (pornography)

Occult Confession Prayer

I confess as sin and seek Your forgiveness for every occult involvement. I confess having sought from Satan the help that should only come from God. I renounce every occult activity; I renounce Satan and all his works. I loose myself from him, and I take back all the ground I ever yielded to him. I choose the blessing and not the curse. I choose life and not death.

Prayer for Spiritual Cleansing of Home, Apartment or Room
After removing and destroying all objects of false worship, pray this prayer aloud in every room:

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that You are the Lord of heaven and Earth. In Your sovereign power and love, You have entrusted me with many things. Thank You for this place to live. I claim my home as a place of spiritual safety for me and my family and ask for Your protection from all the attacks of the enemy. As a child of God, raised up and seated with Christ in the heavenly places, I command every evil spirit claiming ground in this place, based on the activities of past or present occupants, including me and my family, to leave and never return. I renounce all demonic assignments directed against this place. I ask You, Heavenly Father, to post Your holy angels around this place to guard it from any and all attempts of the enemy to enter and disturb Your purposes for me and my family. I thank You, Lord, for doing this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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Facebook I just LOVE MY FACE.

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how did you know any of those applied to me?

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what do you mean -.- i dont care if you love ur face LOL.

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