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 Book or Sermon about Covenant

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I am looking for a book or sermon about the covenant. I am not just seeking some general teaching about covenant, but how the covenant relates to the names of god, especially about the expressions "Jehovah, the Lord THY GOd" or "Jehovah, MY God". Does anyone know some authority on this?

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 Re: Book or Sermon about Covenant

Sorry to maybe state the obvious, but I would recommend a careful study of hebrews.

I don't think I have ever studied anything that comes close to explaining covenant relationship, and God to man relationship as Hebrews.

Benjamin Williams

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 Re: Book or Sermon about Covenant

I think you'll find things on Ron Bailey's website, in that he has made a long study of the Old Covenant priesthood, and, the New Covenant (and has been writing a book about the latter).

Additionally, under the Audio section, there are messages with German translation.

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No, a study of hebrews will not do it, because that is a general comparison between the two covenants, and that's not what I am seeking. There are many books about covenant comparison and they are all more or less expositions of hebrews (for example the book from andrew murray, which is very good). That kind of books you don'T have to search for, they are all out there.

I am searching for the connection between the NAME "jehovah" and covenant, or in other words: the personal application of that name "THY God" or "I AM the lord, thy God" or "Jehovah, the Lord YOUR God".

It has to be some book/sermon concerning Old Testament scriptures, especially Genesis and Exodus, becuase there God reveals himself as "Jehovah, the Lord, THY God".

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In Milton Greens teaching on the blood covenant he speaks of how Abraham received the "Hey" of God's name and God become known as the God of Abraham, Isaac,and Jacob. I liked the teaching. Milt only has a ninth grade education but God entrusted him with much of his treasure. His teaching on covenant is on this site.

God bless you.


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I know this book may not directly answer your questions but how about David Wilkerson's "The New Covenant Unveiled: God's Plan To Free the Last-Days Church From the Power of Sin"

Rey O.

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I definitely second everything by Milt on the Blood Covenant!!

On this page you will find:

(Blood Covenant) 1 - Blood Covenant
(Blood Covenant) 2 - Our Covenant With Christ
(Blood Covenant) 3 - Our Covenant With Christ
(Blood Covenant) 4 - The War Against the Covenant
(Blood Covenant) 5 - The War Against The Covenant
(Blood Covenant) The Mark of God or The Mark of the Beast 1
(Blood Covenant) The Mark of God or The Mark of the Beast 2

(Fury of Fire) 01 - A Fury of Fire & the Vengeance of God
(Fury of Fire) 02 - A Fury of Fire & the Vengeance of God

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 Re: Book or Sermon about Covenant

Hi bro,

There are Hebrew resources on, and the Newberry Bible has good Hebrew notes, and an introductory section on the names of God. Here is an excerpt from his note on 'Jehovah'.

After mentioning the number of times it's used, and references for when it's not translated 'the Lord', he shows it in combination with Elohim (Jehovah Elohim) in Gen 1 and alone in Gen 4.

'The signification is - He that always was, that always is, and that ever is to come.' Then refs in Rev with detail about tenses. Note: in the English above, he has reversed the order the meanings are embedded in the name.

'First, YEHI, "He will be" long tense. Second, HOVE, "being", participle. Third, HAHYAH, "He was", short tense used in the past.' He then shows the Hebrew.

There is, online, the Sacred Names Bible, which is an easy place to search for all the times 'Jehovah' is used in the text.

The KJV has a system for translating Jehovah 'Lord', but there are other names of God which are also translated 'Lord'. I think you have a BIG study ahead!

Looking at Deuteronomy 6, Jehovah and Elohim are used together all through. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to disentangle, because 'Thy' is sometimes when God is speaking about Himself, or being quoted to the people, but not only.

And at Peniel, when one might have expected Jacob to use 'my' about God, he calls Him Elohim. Earlier in Gen 32 he prays: 9 And Jacob said, O ELOHIYM of my father Abraham, and ELOHIYM of my father Isaac, YHVH which saidst unto me, Return unto thy country, and to thy kindred, and I will deal well with thee:

You get the idea. May the Lord lead you and bless you as you study.

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hi,i own a tape series on covenant by Malcolm Smith that is wonderful but does not touch on your quest. you mentioned the best book...blood covenant by kenyan...i dont think you will find much because YHWH was not even to be used amongst the jewish people...if God would have continued with I Am and stated all He is than He would still be going.jimp

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Power of the Blood Covenant - Malcolm Smith

 2010/11/2 9:15

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