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 What Does It Mean to Accept Christ by A.W. Tozer

[img][/img] [b]A. W. Tozer (1897-1963)[/b] was called a 20th-century prophet," even in his lifetime. For 31 years he pastored Southside Alliance Church in Chicago, but his greatest spiritual legacy has been his 30 books. He sought for God's honor with the zeal of Elijah and mourned with Jeremiah at the apostasy of God's people, but he was not a prophet of despair. His writings are messages of concern. They warn and exhort. They are messages of hope.


This may sound like heresy in some quarters, but I have come to this conclusion -- that there are far too many among us who have thought that they accepted Christ, but nothing has come of it within their own lives and desires and habits!

This kind of philosophy in soul-winning -- the idea that it is "the easiest thing in the world to accept Jesus" -- permits the man or woman to accept Christ by an impulse of the mind or of the emotions. It allows us to gulp twice and sense an emotional feeling that has come over us, and then say, "I have accepted Christ." These are spiritual matters about which we must be legitimately honest and in which we must seek the discernment of the Holy Spirit. These are things about which we cannot afford to be wrong; to be wrong is still to be lost and far from God.

Let us never forget that the Word of God stresses the importance of conviction and concern and repentance when it comes to conversion, spiritual regeneration, being born from above by the Spirit of God!

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 Re: What Does It Mean to Accept Christ by A.W. Tozer

bump, this is one "must listen"


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