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I believe in biblical prosperity because "you can't outgive God". Every time you give you receive to give out more. Jesus has promised that if we give we will receive. How ever would the gospel be financed if God did not reciprocate with more than enough?
In every nation where we have preached the gospel to those who have not heard and they have believed and received the Word, their situation in life has been changed even in their finances. This is a gospel that can be preached in the poorest nations. God will change a life, a village, a city and/or a nation when people will believe Him and honor Him. PTL.

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 Re: prosperity

Like CHRIST said GIVE IT UP.......................It, dont fit......the strait gate.

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 Re: prosperity

PrissAnn, welcome.

It's best that you keep your prosperity views to yourself here. This is not a prosperity friendly site. Though we believe in prosperity of the soul and spirit, but not for filthy lucre. We want God not financial gains.

 2010/10/18 18:57

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 Re: prosperity

Welcome PrisANN!! I have to second snuf's response to you! It made me chuckle!

Snuf... I love your statement, "This is not a prosperity friendly site." And I noticed that this thread ALREADY has 96 views because of the title!! LOL

God bless you PrisANN!! Even though we all do not agree at on everything, I can say that we love Jesus here!! Enjoy the site! God is indeed good!



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Welcome. I reiterate the statements of the previous posters as well.

It's good to have you here, however most will view it a tad bit suspicious if your first post is one stating why you believe a certain teaching or other. It kind of seems a tad bit like a person might have an agenda, as there are many hit and run posters who appear here from time to time.

Let us know a bit about yourself, then we can start discussing beliefs. Looking forward to seeing more of you. -Grant

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"And I noticed that this thread ALREADY has 96 views because of the title!! LOL"

In all fairness Lisa, this has been posted for about three days now and may very well have been viewed 96 times. This says One of two things, Not many people saw this when it originally was posted or the brothers and sisters here on SI have learned to discern when to hold their tongue and when its best to speak. I'll admit when I saw this thread my heart raced as it realized the many errors found in the original post however I thought I wouldn't have been very edify so I held my tongue. :)

Matthew Guldner

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