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No doubt. And I try to distance myself from them like the plague. Grace does abound.

Jimmy H

 2010/10/20 8:58Profile

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 Re: Reward

I believe that Robert Govett, the 19th century Englishman, was on to something. The Millenial Kingdom (I think I mispelled that) is the reward of the overcoming believer.

I believe the overcomer promises to the churches in revelation speak to that. A number of the parables speak to that as well as it making sense of various scriptures (especially in Hebrews).

One in particular is about the example of Esau giving up his inheritance for the red soup. This has to do with giving up our inheritance in the Kingdom...our reward.

There is so much to say about rewards, but I'm not prepared right now to deal with it. Paul urged us to be careful that no one cheat us out of our reward (I don't recall the words he used.)

Its fine and noble to say loving the Lord is its own reward. Certainly there is nothing greater than knowing Jesus. We are apt to become discouraged and lose our perspective on the journey. Of course the Lord knew this
and has set rewards before us to motivate us.

If we win crowns we have something to give Him in person.
If we reign with Him we will be with Him on the earth, sharing this experience is quite a motivation if its real enough to you.

Randy Lambert

 2010/10/21 20:29Profile

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