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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Are your postings and arguements reaching the lost? Yes.

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This is why the wisest brothers and sisters here will totally eschew accusational thread topics and flammable discourses. They will be found to post only edifyingly, their words uplifting Christ and nourishing the Body and engendering peace among the brethren. Their words will be few and precious. As wise and prudent investors, they deposit each word into the eternal bank with the utmost caution and humble frugality, knowing one day they shall be called to an audit.

yea Lord, make us like this.


 2010/10/9 12:14Profile


What are the lost? Are we not all constantly being evangelized by the Holy Spirit to come to Christ with all of our heart and come out of our "darkness/lostness"? We are all trying to "see/find" more of Jesus. How many of us are prodigals, though we KNOW we have a Father we live like we don't?

Lord, in your light we see light. May we have more of your light and likeness in our lives.

 2010/10/9 12:41

 Re: Are your postings and arguements reaching the lost? Yes.

Thank you Miccah.

the thread in question, definitely bad, grievous stuff, the former poster on facebook spilling this all out on facebook was inherently (and unwittingly) used by God to bring me into a new learning curve of grace walked out in public other words using street venacular, "we bessbe cool"...loving, full of grace and mercy, quick to repent when sin's uncovered.......and Paul West....very good word sir......amen, i love you ALL in Messiah Jesus, neil

 2010/10/9 12:58

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Good words.


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 Re: Are your postings and arguements reaching the lost? Yes.


I find this post from FB seems to me he is doing what he is accusing others of doing...

We should never be intimidated by liberals who will come on site to push their agenda to undermine the authority of the WORD, even when they think they are speaking Biblically.

I well remember this thread [of homosexuality]. This poster was kind, but there is that BUT! Apostasy is apostasy regardless who promotes it and regardless of methods used to do so. The most destructive ones are those who are so sweet and kind because it lends credibility to their argument. If they rile up anyone it will serve to prove their point - or so they think. And never mind that Jesus got angry and cleansed the temple from those that bought and sold within its walls!

Jesus says we are to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Matthew 10:16. And how does one accomplish this? This is the thorny question...

Oh, to be faithful regardless of who says what!


Sandra Miller

 2010/10/9 15:26Profile

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South Africa


The more i am on this site the more i find out that i know less than i should of the Word.


 2010/10/9 15:31Profile


I think if you find yourself agitated and Pms dont work, you should refrain. I think there is a reason some dont like PMS, the need for public vindication. Sometimes you just have to cut some people off and lay them in the Lord's Frank

 2010/10/9 16:57

Joined: 2007/9/13
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Agreed ginnyrose. We should not be pursuaded by liberals. This post wasn't about the homosexual post at all, but that the LOST in the world are watching what we believers are doing... and spreading that to other non-believers.

If someone wants to stand up and call a false teacher a false teacher, I am all for it. But should we attack each other about disagreeing that someone is a wolf? No.

If you would see the conversations that take place on the posters FB page, you will see that I am fighting a lone battle against MANY who are perishing, yet Christ is with me, so I am in the majority :-)

What keeps me going is that I know that lost need to hear the Truth. So before I get lumped into the "soft" group, know that I am fighting the battle set before me with who is before me. Not caring about self, but that only some may be saved.


 2010/10/9 21:41Profile


I should have read this whole thread. My post although truthful is not really appropriate for this thread. My apologies brethren.

 2010/10/9 22:27

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The Lord bless you Miccah,
My prayers are with you.

 2010/10/10 3:42Profile

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