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No, like Leonard Ravenhill said regarding Milt Green's book ( on the back cover), "I would be happy if I had written this book."

I always buy about 10 of Milt's books at a time to give away.

I would be happy if I had written these articles, but no, they are Oliver's.

He is my friend and brother.

 2010/10/9 13:34

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Hi Pilgrim,

I just found the website where Oliver's writings are.

It looks a very good site, although I have not checked out everything, however it does not give any indication about who they are. On the 'about us' page it basically says 'its not about us, but its about Him' (Jesus). Which is great :), but it would be good to know a bit more. If you can offer some background on Oliver and the ministry I would be grateful.


 2010/10/9 13:46Profile


Read his article called Common Folk and you will learn more about him.

In fact, he is very transparent in all his articles.

He sees himself as just another brother and refuses positions of any kind.

Camp out and be refreshed by the Lord through his writings.

Please keep he and his wife in your prayers.

 2010/10/9 14:26

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