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 Sermon Index Newsletter

On the right side of the main page (under [b]Site Activity[/b]) you can sign up for the Sermon Index newsletter as well as read it online.

This month Greg has outdone himself by digging up this gem from Vance Havner. Recommended reading an understatement, here's an excerpt:

"[i] The New Testament Church was an intolerant church. At once we throw ourselves open to a broadside of protest. "Intolerant" is a scandalous word to use these days, for if there is anything that is in style among our "progressive" churches it is that word "tolerance." You would think that intolerance was the unpardonable sin. We are majoring as never in all church history on being broad-minded. That we have become so broad we have become also pitifully shallow never seems to disturb us. We must "broaden or bust." Of course, some experts in tolerance can be amazingly intolerant of those who do not share their broad-mindedness, but that does not disturb them either.[/i]

Mike Balog

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 Re: Sermon Index Newsletter


Thanks for bringing this to peoples attention Mike! Yea I really felt this is something that needs to be shared with people at SI and on the mailing list of over 7000 people now!

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