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God love you! I'm a preacher's kid and have heard more sermons, been in more services, "revivals", etc. than you could shake a stick at. I grew up and became a preacher like my daddy. Preached in a large number of States and a couple foreign countries. But assurance was only to be found in the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ 2k yrs ago.

Only the Catholic Church perfectly preaches union with our precious Lord Jesus Christ. Only they can rightly eat His precious Body and drink His precious blood. He said if we don't we don't have life.

O God is SO good!

But I understand that you don't understand. This quote I think sums it up well:

"There are not more than 100 people in the world who truly hate the Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they perceive to be the Catholic Church." - Archbishop Fulton Sheen

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Ancient Faith,

I was a child of the devil, practiced every kind of immorality, a drug addict, and Jesus Christ saved me from death. I tried to Join the Catholic church but they told me I could not join unless I believed in a bunch of stuff about Mary. I said doctrines about Mary were not important, it was the Cross of Christ that matters and that is where I will stay, crucified with him. Church did not save me. Christ did. And it is him who I will preach! It is him who I will glorify! Not an idol, but the Living God!


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Uh oh... I doubt this fellow's long for SI's world!

Sola Scriptura being self-refuting? How about papal infallibility? :D

Be nice, everyone.

Ryan G.

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My Mom was raised as a Catholic, and she had a pretty good grasp of it, yet once she read the Bible, she couldn't remain in it, because many of the things it taught were contradictory with the word of God...

I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say there, about miss-understandings about the Catholic Church?

A note to everyone else: let's not get our dander up, let's hear what he has to say first!!


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First of all dear Saints, we as followers of Jesus Christ, we shall have no other gods... Being in love with anything more than the one and only True God through Jesus Christ His Son is sin. We shall not love,money, person, position, popularity or denomination above God. Let us check our hearts constantly no matter where we fellowship etc.

I believe the Catholic Church among others feel good and justify themselves because of their acts. Going into a Catholic Church and doing all the rituals makes one feel right with God. Then doing good works makes one feel good and right with God. But God looks on the hearts.

My Mother was raised in a strict Catholic home, school etc. and her and her sister rebelled against it. The doctrine was shoved down their throats.

My daughter married a Catholic and became one. She now has 8 children and thinks she has pleased God. They are wonderful children as she and her hubby are great parents. But it is sad to see the fear. I asked one time what happens if you don't go to mass. My grandson said it was a cardinal sin. Not sure what that is but it is very grieving.

I know the Lord looks upon our hearts. I know my grandmother loved the Lord with all her heart and it caused me to love Him as well. She was a Catholic. I did not know Him but I loved Him. I know she is with Him now too.

I know my Mother loved Him too and in her last few months we enjoyed fellowship in Him. Reading about Him and Heaven. She could never hear about my relationship with the Lord due to so much in her face religion growing up. And then one day we began to talk about the Lord. She says she prays all the time but she doesn't do the rosary. I said Mom that's all the Lord wants from us is to talk to Him from our heart. He doesn't want to hear repetition. That religious spirit left her and it was her and Jesus. She had joy, we sang & prayed and read. Glory to God! She is with her Savior now.

I don't write this to condemn or put down but to share a testimony. I know that the Lord searches the hearts all over the world looking for hearts who truly want Him.If it is true love for Him or if it is just a feel good religion He knows. Nothing and no one is impossible for God.

As a child the Catholic religion never made sense to me. I would ask Mom about things but she didn't have an answer. Then she said if you want the real religion, ask God. God saved me from religion and I only had seeds in my heart for Jesus. I was not raised in the Church.

So I asked and it was several months later He took me to my first Bible Study ever and it was there the Holy Spirit came upon me, cleansed me, saved me and my whole worldly desires turned to just hunger and thirsting for Him. On the radio, in the Word in fellowship and sharing. I cried for over an hour. The joy of knowing I was saved and if I died I would go to Heaven and be with my Lord. I had to shout it to the world and I did! Everywhere I went, everyone I knew I shared how God saved me, cleansed me etc.

The Lord was searching the earth and He found my heart wanting Truth, wanting Him and He revealed Himself to me. He didn't take me to a denomination, He took me straight to Jesus! Hallelujah! And glory to God!

I beg anyone in love with their denomination or anything or anyone to please with all the passion in you - ask for and seek a hunger and thirst for God through His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life. He did it all. There is nothing else left to do. Just ask Him with a heart ready to receive the Truth. It is God's plan. We are the creation, He is the Creator.

I write this in pure love. Our Lord is worthy to be believed in spirit and in truth. May God continue to reveal Himself to us. We love You Lord, we worship and bow down to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Amen and Amen. glorify Yourself Dearest Lord.

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