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 Uncovered by the Blood!

In another thread, this Duncan Campbell quote caught my attention and got me thinking. It left me with questions about its meaning.

'"The Blood will not cover what it was meant to uncover.'

Two scriptures especially come to mind.

Eph 5:13 But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light.

1 John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

So, is he talking about conviction of sin in the believer and the unbeliever - or only in the believer?

Does he have repentance in mind? Or confession of sin between saints? Or between unbelievers and God? Or are all of these as relevant as each other?

 2010/10/6 3:03

 Re: Uncovered by the Blood!

"So, is he talking about conviction of sin in the believer and the unbeliever - or only in the believer"

I believe that He is talking about the believer and the process of sanctification, although I could see how , if you wanted to, you could stretch it to the un-believer, the blood not covering those who reject Frank

 2010/10/6 6:30

 Re: Uncovered by the Blood!

Thanks for you comment, Frank.

In truth, I am most uncomfortable with the Old Covenant language of 'cover'ing by 'the blood', when we are now two millennia into the New Covenant day.

 2010/10/6 9:37

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Contextually in the message he said this in, he was referring to post salvation convictions of the Holy Spirit in a believer. When Christ brings to light your deeds committed in the flesh against other men, what Cambell meant (as far as I can remember) was you can't just sweep them under the rug and use the cop out, "Now it's under the Blood, so I don't have to worry about it anymore," and pretend that there is no restitution that has to be made.

The Blood of Christ will reveal LOTS of stuff in your life that has to be made right with men, after they've been made right with God. Before I was truly saved, I stole, and I slandered (amongst a list of anything else you can imagine). After Salvation I had to ask forgiveness from those I slandered, and make restitution and then some to those from whom I'd stolen. When I would pray, and get convicted of these past things, God didn't allow me to just say, "Well that was the old man, the new man has been cleansed by the Blood, is a new creature, and doesn't owe anyone anything, Hallelujah!"

Wrong answer.

And all of this was not just some way to ease my conscience. I believe it's one of the ways that Christ shows radical regeneration in the lives of those that He bought, for His glory. It was hard many times facing up to people about what I had done against them, because no one knew. But it was a chance to give glory to God, and share the life changing power of the Gospel. Just like Zaccheus. That's what the Blood uncovers.

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Amen, brother!

That's what repentance is all about... turning the other way. Seems to me like restitution is perhaps the most active part of repentance. And perhaps the most difficult.

If you think about it, turning around on a road is going to take you back the way you came. It will take you past those incidents that were done previously.

The only way to keep going back in the right direction is to resolve the wrongdoing the way the Lord is telling you.

Going to a brother you have slandered or hurt is a painful thing that I have had to do before... but it is also the fastest way to heal a damaged relationship. I don't know how many testimonies there are of people going back and making things right, then seeing tremendous fruit.

May Jesus continue to sanctify us and fill us with the Spirit in these last days.

Come, Lord Jesus!

Ryan G.

 2010/10/6 23:18Profile

 Re: Uncovered by the Blood!

To EverestoSama,

Thanks for the fuller explanation of the original context, and for your edifying testimony.

 2010/10/7 9:31

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