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 Commonplace Holiness

My pastor is currently teaching through Exodus, and when we were at home fellowship discussing where God told Moses to take off his shoes for the sake of the Holy Ground, we got to talking and he mentioned the tendency we have to become used to the holiness of God to a point of commonality. Where it no longer is revered with a demonstration. He pointed out how the disciples got used to Jesus...and seemed to lack a reverence for His presence.

I could relate to that a lot. Pretty convicting stuff.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2010/10/4 0:33Profile

 Re: Commonplace Holiness

Wash a few feet as you conduct your life barefoot and there will be a constant reminder.

It works . . . for awhile.
(at least it was a good learning experience for me, aside from the two nails that went through these feet and the glass that cut until callouses developed.

Oh, i know it sounds crazy (now even to me), but it definitely gives one a different perspective altogether
. . . especially being grateful for even shoes
and in learning the meaning of what Moses and others have done. . . like one dear brother who walked the Temple mount barefoot to the place where the Holy of holies once was situated --and will be again-- with Israeli and Palestinian soldiers having a big hissy fit about it.
(amazingly, none dared do anything to him about it, offending all through disregarding ordinance, sandals boldly slung over his shoulder midpoint of the trek with soldiers running towards him in the background
(in one of those photographs shown me).

Proper with God is not always proper with man.

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 2010/10/4 7:54

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