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Discussion Forum : General Topics : PROPHECIES AND REVELATIONS 2010 (III) Aug-Sept

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Latest Prophecies and Revelations August - September

These are the latest prophecies the Lord gave me

20 Aug 2010

In Wisdom do not argue over insignificant theological differences amongst yourselves before unbelievers, for they will use this against you to strengthen their position.

22 Aug 2010

The world’s wrong perception about God is taking them to hell. Likewise the Church’s wrong perception of how God works will cause them not to receive the fullness of the Kingdom –being like the Pharisees who rejected the Lord.

22 Aug 2010

Do not pray for the things that you want or think should come to pass, but pray that God shows you what His plan for your life is so that you may then pray that through.

24 Aug 2010

God is not subject to any times or generations.

24 Aug 2010

Ask God to show you the simplistic mechanism that will release God’s plans to the world.

24 Aug 2010

People in their selfishness are corrupt and foolish because if they were truly selfish, then they would truly obey the commands of Christ, for true selfishness has to do with knowing and seeking that which is truly good for you.

29 Aug 2010

The Lord may not always give you what you want but will give you the thing that will refine you in areas you do not see.

31 Aug 2010

The more mercy you ask God to release to others, the more mercy will be required of you to release to others.

“Repent, Repent, Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near!”

10 Sept 2010

The Lord revealed to me why the literary style of the book of Revelation is the most apocalyptic in the Bible.

Because it is the book that has to do with the end times, and in the end times people shall become 'literal/legalistic/corrupt' in their interpretation of everything due to their subjection to the world rather than to God, that this book has been given to challenge them. The fact that they do not seek to understand its language shows the severity of the judgment that is upon them in the end times.

11 Sept 2010

Pray that the Lord releases more of His power to His people so that it can likewise release the fear of God.

With the power of God comes the fear of God.

13 Sept 2010

All things that you expend your time and energy on now that are not for the Lord’s Kingdom are made null and void the day you die.

18 Sept 2010

Doing what is uncomfortable and inconvenient for you is what shall cause the execution of the Lord’s plans and salvation of many to come to pass. The Cross of Jesus Christ was uncomfortable and inconvenient for Him, yet it brought about the salvation of the world unto eternity.

23 Sept 2010

There is a very serious problem with mankind whereby even though they know and understand why they should obey the commands of Christ and the eternal rewards that come with this, will still prioritize their time and energy to the frivolous and temporal things of this life.

19 Sept 2010

Do not speak negatives because these open doors to be used against you and they undermine the power of God.

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a good word. amen. and may God bless you always, neil

 2010/9/30 15:22

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This post was not what I was expecting, but it was a good post. I been really bitter and angry lately so your last quote caught my attention alot.

What do you mean by "Do not speak negatives because these open doors to be used against you and they undermine the power of God."

what doors are you talking about???


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