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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : The Bay of the Holy Spirit.

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 Re: The Bay of the Holy Spirit.

From what I have seen from the past "revivals" I have noticed something that is very distinct about any of them. That is this- Emotionally Charged music, it seems to be the focal point of it all actualy.

I have an associates in music and you really don't need an associated degree or even common knowledge to know that music has a HUGE effect on the body and its emotions. People that are looking for such feelings find them at these type of things because of course you going to feel your body vibrate when a huge speakers is blairing but that really isn't an evidence of God moving.

I am not against these kind of events as long as their purpose isn't to exploit money, I don't mind masses of Christians getting together and seeking the Lord and having powerful worship playing but we must be discerning.

Something that I have seen with the Ihop awakening was this they continually repeat don't rely on your emotions and feelings don't worry about the shaking and weirdness if God is moving in You He will do one thing that you can't realy miss and that is Change You into the image of His Son. If the meeting if conforming you into the image of Christ more power to you but if you are going because you want the shakes and jitters and vibrations then you waste your time.

We silly humans focus so much on the physical but God is all about the Spiritual. The Disciples wanted a physical kingdom to come down but Jesus knew his Church and Kingdom was a Spiritual one.

For me a red flag goes up when I see and hear the music blairing as we mostly see. If Bentley had healing powers given by God then he would go to every hospital and start praying for all the sick people so they could be healed, Why doesn't he? Because you can't take emotionally charged music and worship into a hospital to manipulate the emotions of the listeners. For these things its ALL about ATMOSPHERE!

Matthew Guldner

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