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 The Dew of Heaven

"His heavens shall drop down dew" Deut 33:28

What the dew in the East is to the world of nature, that is the influence of the Spirit in the realm of grace. How greatly do I need it! Without the Spirit of God I am a dry and withered thing. I droop, I fade, I die. How sweetly does this dew refresh me! When once favored with it I feel happy, lively, vigorous, elevated. I want nothing more. The Holy Spirit brings me life, and all that life requires. All else without the dew of the Spirit is less than nothing to me: I hear, I read, I pray, I sing, I go to the table of communion, and I find no blessing there until the Holy Ghost visits me. But when He bedews me, every means of grace is sweet and profitable.

What a promise is this for me! "His heavens shall drop down dew." I shall be visited with grace. I shall not be left to my natural drought, or to the world's burning heat, or to the sirocco of Satanic temptation. Oh, that I may at this very hour feel the gentle, silent, saturating dew of the Lord! Why should I not? He who has made me to live as the grass lives in the meadow, will treat me as He treats the grace; He will refresh me from above. Grass cannot call for dew as I do. Surely, the Lord visits the unpraying plant will answer to His pleading child.
-- C H Spurgeon


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 Re: The Dew of Heaven

His heavens shall drop down dew.

Isn't it a wonderful thing, that God does bestow His grace upon us. And we don't deserve it. He is gracious.

God bless.

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