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 your thoughts?!.....

"Time is short. The world is at the brink of eternity. Right now we have the greatest opportunity to rise up and take the victory of the cross to the last corners of this earth. The Lord Jesus is graciously calling a remnant to the joys of simple obedience. For those who respond, I believe there is an opportunity right now to share in the last great move of God before Christ returns." K.P. Yohannan

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 Re: your thoughts?!.....

I love K.P. Yohannan. I saw him in person a number of years ago and he shared how God convicted him about materialism and said all he needed was 3 suits and no rolex watch. He then share his vision of the gospel for Asia, indigenous minsters could share the gospel while living off only $30.00 per month and a bicycle, and they know the language, while missionaries from abroad need $2000.00 a month and don't speak the language well for a long time. Do the math. He was raising sponsorships for the native pastors.

I really respect him and this is a great word that you shared. Thanks.


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 Re: your thoughts?!.....

I totaly agree with this word. The Lord has given many people this word from many different backgrounds and denominations and countries. Who are the Remnant? Those who hunger and thirst after Frank

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I think in a sense this has been man's plight since Christ came; so it is all the more accurate the farther we push away from that time.


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