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You've mentioned human logic leading to something unbiblical. In what I've written and Greg's original Spurgeon post, can you show this departure? Keep in mind that with every verse you quote I can in turn show you one that will repudiate your point and expose your "human logic" as efficiently as you can mine. We can go back and forth like this for centuries. But I won't do this, and I ask you not to either. This will be my last post on the topic. I only ask, can't we just let people read the original text and be edified without trying to nitpick all the alleged contradictions?

By the way, I agree with your last paragraph. Yes, let's trust God in the face of all these seeming contradictions. Although I don't find any in my understanding of scripture, I realize others might, and I do not want to stumble my brother or sister. The Holy Spirit is well able to bring someone into understanding without my convoluted efforts.

Brother Paul

Paul Frederick West

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Brother Paul,
You have made two different suggestions. First, you asked if I can show you what is unbiblical in the original post, then you said this will be your last post. Which one you want me to take you on.
I personally do not think that the Calv/Armen debate has to go on for centuries. I used to be a Calvinist myself until I saw the error of it. I am not anything you can put a name on any more. I just follow the teachings of Christ. But you are right, we can stop there if you want.


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