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 What follows close behind?

What follows close behind?

I was walking as the shadows grew, the light was fading fast
My thoughts were troubled as I mused reflecting on my past
To make it worse I thought I heard the sound of steps behind
I wasn’t sure someone was there but fear tempted my mind

So just in case I changed my gait spurred on by inner fear
But much to my alarm the sounds of steps behind grew near
This walk now far from pleasant more a nightmare had become
Not helped at all by memories of the trouble I’d come from

What would I use for my defense should there be an attack
The fear unknown much more had grown the threat behind my back
To quell the fear I made the choice to stop and stand my ground
With muscles tense I turned to pounce and this is what I found

No one was there, no sound of steps, I stood still all alone
The only sound now on my ear was my own desperate moan
I turned again a bit confused and started off once more
And wondered why when fear did knock I opened up the door

No sooner had the question formed the answer quickly came
The fear of man becomes a snare – my own heart was to blame
More conscious of what men might know and think or say of me
I fled when none pursued at all for I lost sight of Thee

A lesson from this parable I offer as a friend
There is a way to close the door and bring fear to an end
Don’t flee the past, don’t troubled be, don’t fret within your mind
The sound you hear is goodness all and mercy near behind

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life…”

Alan and Dina Martin

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 Re: What follows close behind?

As surely as we follow the Shepherd;
His goodness and mercy follows us!!

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: What follows close behind?

Fascinating. Wonderful.

Extremely thought provoking.

God bless.

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Not one of us can say he has not been troubled that others would find his sins and speak against him. But what if they finally did? It is good to know He has our back. All things are laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account on that day. And we are blessed when we know that with a surety.

Thank the Lord for such insight through His people. "What follows close behind" will someday be stripped away and we shall soar by the great power of He who calls us now.

Paul Horton

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