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 Windsor vs Church

Went for a visit to Windsor Castle this past weekend.

For those who don't know about the castle, it is 900 years old, and is the oldest royal residence anywhere in the world.

The tour of the castle was done with little instruction.

As we went into the castle, there was a hush. We were not told not to speak, but, you didn't want to.

Children were not running around and having their own way.
People spoke in hushed tones.

There was an atmosphere of deep respect.

I could not help but contrast that with what I have seen in churches over the years.

There is little or no respect for God, the service or meetings. Children can do as they please or the family will leave the church.

There is an expectation of entertainment in the church, rather than the word of God.

I could not help but notice the contrast.

So, if you're ever in Windsor, visit the castle.

It should be an experience.

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