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 what is the Bible basically about?


There is something that is taught in this movie that is not found in the Scriptures but instead a Calvinistic doctrine that has become very popular lately.

It says in the movie that Jesus perfect obedience was imputed to us.

Instead, the Bible teaches that Christ lived a perfect life that when he was nailed to the cross, his death was not for any sin that ha had done but to pay the penalty for our sins and grant us forgivness.

Many people would watch a movie like that and are caught up in the wonder of seeing Christ in the lives and events throughout the whole Scripture, but also swallow the lie that we do not have to live obedient life. After all, it is all about Christ and bot about us. Jesus have forwarned about such deception in the last days that many will come in my name saying I am the Christ and decieve many. The Bible teaches that at the point of Justification, our sins were imputed to Christ and His righteousness imputed to us by faith in Him. After that, by His indweling Spirit we can live a sanctified life. If Christ perfect life of obedience was imputed to us that it doesn't matter how we live, then why does the Bible tells us to obey. Why does God require two fold obedience. There is a very good sermon on the difference between the work of Christ in justification and sanctification by Major Thomas called "Christ made perfect" , Also Allan Martin has a sermon called:" True Salvation. Please lestin to them. May the Lord our God purify His church from all lies.


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