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Dayton, Texas

 Welcome, from Dayton, Texas

I grew-up in Phila., Pa.NOT believing in God. Last ten years in Pa. I was an outlaw biker, moved to Texas in 1976. Was driving to work on March 2, 1989 and was taken-up into God's presence. As I was trying to understand what happened, God ask me to help Him. I knew I was a looser, so why did God need my help. He said, "My people can NOT hear me". After that God led me to a TV show with Milton Green talking about his book. I sent away for it and it open my eyes then God show me more of His Word. I have been sharing what God reveleaded to me ever since. I have found over the past twenty years that one needs a foundation in understanding the Spirit of the law, instead of the letter as most seem to have. Salvation is a must and ONLY through the NAME Acts 4:12 can one keep from HELL Rev. 20:15

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