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 Can a true born again Christian still struggle with sin ?

As a true born again Christian we now do hate the things we once loved, but why are there certain sins (like smoking)we really struggle with to overcome?

 2010/8/11 7:29

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 Re: Can a true born again Christian still struggle with sin ?

When you were born again, your body was not made new nor was your mind or emotions. Smoking in particular is a physical and often emotional addiction. God desires that a person be free from that bondage that seeks to destroy you physically and financially. If the Spirit of Him who raised Christ from the dead dwell in you, He shall quicken also you mortal body. Victory over nicotine comes through the power of the Holy Spirit. As we lay aside that weight (a definite decision and committment) understanding that we can only do it by the power of the Holy Spirit (being in submission to Him and relying on His strength and not our own) we can kick that habit.

Temptation will come, even temptation to do that which we hate. We still live in a body of flesh with a mind and emotions that are not yet made new. We are to be in process of renewing the mind (Rom. 12) but the enemy will still temp us. But if we submit ourselves to God (acknowledge we have no power to overcome in ourselves and throw ourselves entirely on Him for strength and ability and submit in obedience to whatever He says) and resist the devil (actively fight against him by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony, loving not our own lives to the death, using the word of God as a weapon) then he will flee from us and we will walk in victory.


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Good thoughts, if I can help?

"being tempted" is never as with by individual sins.

When a Believer is tempted, he or she is always attacked in their Faith. Without doubt, I'm speaking of their source of Faith, namely, the Object of Faith. Which is to be exclusively Christ and His Cross.

Now, these individual attacks or bouts of sins individual are the evidence of the "temptation" to leave God's Will. Which again, is Christ and Him Crucified for all Victory sought after by us sinful humans.

So if there is a revival of sins in a believer's life, they are not to be condemned but called to examine their power source. Where is their faith placed? In themselves and their ability to perform (behave i.e. "act good") or in what Jesus already secured on the Cross?

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