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 Re: Need help answering a question that my brother brought up about molecules and God

Not only is the question Where do the molecules come from, but what designed them to procreate in such exquisite and absolutely perfect order, as to live and to be?

There are foundational complexities that are required to function, say, in mammals ,such as chemically induced temperatures, the nutrients in blood flow, and the retina's ability to translate light with color to meaningfull concepts that can be understood by creatures,[ IE; consciousness..] that require a cascading numerical possibility to just occur naturally, that the numbers are beyond staggering; and to have this happen in multi-trillion episodes?...well, most scientists have succombed to the "INTELLIGENT DESIGN" theory.

In Ben Stein's documentary; "EXPELLED" he confronts the leading evolutionary scientists of the world with this delemma. At the end of the movie, he is seated with the pinnacle of modern scientific thought; the reigning Einstein of modern theory, in a restaurant in Europe.

As Stein brings him this delemma, the most brilliant leader in Evolutionary theory brings him his conclusions.

Aliens from an advanced society had to have came here, and kick started the universe, and life as we know it.

E. T. did it, but in no way did God create it. Impossible.

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools".... Read Roman's chapter one.

 2010/8/6 17:19


by Giggles on 2010/8/5 19:41:14

Phantheus, isn't that the 2nd law of thermodynamics?

It's been 25 y-eraz since college.

This is why now, often i'll revert to the relativity argument, and check their stance regarding such,
and go from there.

Chaos theory and odds of ordered occurance -vs- time scale, etc.


"No absolutes?

Oh really, does that include what you just said?"

Maybe i am just to that point where i should just stick to Jesus revealed in scripture as so much of math and science learned has lain in the dust for so long).

God, through His Spirit, speaks for Himself. We just keep on scattering seed with the gospel message.

COMING SOON in Jesus Christ, we will know something far better than thermodynamic inertia.
(That's the 4th Law isn't it?)


 2010/8/6 19:32

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