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Is it ok to ask why here. I am a y person the later day saints cant no it all? After all JESUS isn't sitting right next to me to ask?There got 2 be more 2 being a christian than walking my bible in to church on Sundays.I really kinda of find it boring and is was told only a real Christian reads the KJV ive got [add] kings English. Talk about gettin side tracted.I thought i would ask is it only me i dont want 2 get bored with jesus this worlds got so much. life is good in the USA.Im sure its only me THANKYOU.

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 Re: WHY

The Church is not the building; but
the people, who are the Body of Christ.
Christianity is a way of life that
honors GOD and glorifies Christ. It is
a personal relationship with a living
and true Savior. It is a commitment,
takes discipline, and requires sacrifice.
Are you ready to follow and serve the LORD??

Martin G. Smith

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 Re: WHY


I want you to know that it is perfectly OK to ask why, and that you will find many here who would be glad to try to answer your questions and to encourage you in the Lord. Some more information might be helpful though. Have you come out of the LDS? Is the place you currently fellowship very centered on works and outward appearances? Does it seem that the Christian life is just a decision to follow a different set of rules and ways of doing things?

God wants a very personal and intimate relationship with you that is made possible through Jesus Christ. He longs to walk with you and speak to you. He will be a Father and at the same time a best friend. I can assure you that a life that is totally given to Him is anything but boring. You can fall so in love with Him that nothing this world has to offer is any competition whatsoever.


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Thanku for your response to looking for life i want the carnal christian to realize the 2 way intamint relationship GOD want with us grace we r reborn hating to defile our romantic love affair with im trying 2 get some people 2 think like my dad 4 instance the HOLY SPIRIT HAS GIVEN ME A BIG TIME LOVE BURDEN I HOPE IAM GOING ABOUT IT THE RIGHT WAY any way thanks GOD BLESSINGS ON YA [more].


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 Re: WHY

Hi looking4life...

--> You wrote: "There got 2 be more 2 being a christian than walking my bible in to church on Sundays.I really kinda of find it boring and is was told only a real Christian reads the KJV ive got [add] kings English."

You're right -- there IS so much more than walking your Bible into a church on Sundays. What more is there?

It is all about spending your life in the pursuit of knowing God. It is about finding unimaginable fulfillment and joy from being able to know and spend time with the Creator of the Universe!

Sadly, Jesus is a stranger to some people who go to Church...sing songs to the Bible...argue about what is "truth" or not...and try to tell you what to believe. In fact, there are plenty of people who profess to be "Christians" who might not even know God!

Now, I can't even pretend to know (or even want to guess) the motives of such people. I suppose that some people find a limited amount of "fulfillment" out of what they deem to be sacred activities. Yet Jesus is soooo much more than a holy book, good deeds, repeated prayers and songs that we sing! To be a Christian is to long to know God more than anything that this world has to offer (and it does seem to have a lot to offer).

--> You wrote: "Talk about gettin side tracted.I thought i would ask is it only me i dont want 2 get bored with jesus this worlds got so much."

History in a nutshell:

God is the Creator of the entire universe! He created a world where men and women would have a choice to either love and serve Him...or serve themselves by all of the things that this world can offer.

The first man and woman (Adam and Eve) chose to disobey God...setting a trend where men and women chose to do what God asked them not to do. The penalty for sin is eternal death -- Hell -- which was originally created for angels who had rebelled (who became Satan and demons).

There was only one way for that guilt to be taken away.

God sent His ONLY son to this walk among men and women...and to explain the love and plan of God to the people that God created. Unfortunately, the people of this world rejected God (most unaware who He was). They accused Him, arrested Him, condemned Him, beat Him and eventually executed Him. They were unaware that His death was the ultimate sacrifice of the sins of mankind. Three days later, Jesus resurrected...showed Himself to many of His followers...and returned to sit at the right hand of God.

The sacrifice of Jesus allows us to return to Him...with a broken and a contrite heart. All that we must do is CHOOSE to want to know Him...and be willing to trade all that we are out of a desire to know Him. IF we give our all, He in turn gives us that restored fellowship...that we can choose to enjoy eternally.

Satan, of course, doesn't want this. He works tirelessly to try and distract people away from this free gift. He will offer us ANYTHING if we will stray from choosing to know and live for the Lord.

Satan will provide wealth, prestige, knowledge, fame, pleasures and even a false sense of "love" -- as a distraction or substitution of simply longing to know and fellowship with the Creator of the Universe. Sometimes, Satan even tries to let people think that they can have "the best of both worlds" -- a somewhat "religious" life AND to enjoy the pleasures of this world.

Regardless of the many things that this world can provide as a distraction, it is MEANINGLESS in the scope of eternity! Even if a person were to live 120 years -- "life" is still so very short in comparison to the vast expanse of eternity! In fact, we are all "smack dab" in the middle of eternity! There is an eternity ahead of us and an eternity behind us.

Our future eternity is dependent upon that one short period in the middle -- where we are now -- called "life." Our decision to either actively seek God -- or seek the pleasures of this short life -- will determine our future.

So...are we confined to a life of boredom if we choose to seek and serve God? By no means!

To know God does not mean that you will exchange your clothes for a little white robe and a harp. Sure, you will receive a white robe -- but on the OTHER side of eternity (you know, when you have breathed your last breath). Once you know God, life continues...but now it has a different perspective. You walk through this world throughout your life knowing the most important thing in the history of the universe -- that you know and live for the Creator of all things!

This knowledge is much more than a sermon from some minister, a few songs and a few semi-meaningful prayers. It is literally the ability to speak with God -- uninhibited -- at any time! It is the knowledge that the Creator of the Universe knows you and hears you when you speak, sing, laugh, cry or even think in silence. There is nothing "boring" with knowing the one and only living God!

I made that decision one night as a teenager standing out in a field at a summer camp. Prior to this, I was quite agnostic. I thought that I was too intelligent to believe in a God that I considered to be nothing more than a myth. I didn't think that I "needed" God. I was popular in school...had plenty of friends...had a good family...went to Church every Sunday...and had pretty much everything that I wanted in life. In fact, I had mapped out my entire life!

Yet, my heart slowly began to grasp the realization that God exists...and that I did not know Him. That night in June, I told Him that I would trade everything that I was...and all that I would ever be...if I could just know Him...and be His friend. My relationship with God began that night...and I have never regretted it.

Life with God is anything but boring! I wake up in the morning speaking with the Creator of the Universe -- and knowing that He hears me and is omnipotently focused upon me (as He is on each of us)! I walked with Him throughout high school, college, grad school and life. I have served Him in various aspects of I attempt to introduce other people to God. I am now married to a wonderful Christian woman. We enjoy living for the we love one another.

Now, we still walk through this world too. We have we are preparing for a family (no kids...yet). We also walk through the many struggles of life too. We are still far from perfect...and temptation is ever present. Yet so is God! It is a joy to live for God! Paul said it best when he said, "To live is Christ and to die is gain."

Let me encourage you to always stay faithful to God! You only have one chance at life. There are no "do overs." In fact, the length of life -- short as it is -- varies from person to person. Life can end in a moment! The question is whether or not we are prepared for Eternity!

Thank you for your questions. I pray that you remember and understand just how close Jesus is! He is always waiting to spend time with each of us! His arms are always open...and He always has His thoughts on us...individually. What an awesome gift! We can turn to Him...know for Him...and then spend an Eternity with Him!

May we all come to realize this!

Matthew 11:28-30


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By the way, looking4life...

I will be praying for you!


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