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 Real Audio Files

Greetings, brothers and sisters...

A technical question for you all -

I would very much like to get some messages recorded with Read Audio onto my mp3 player (iPod). Is that at all possible for someone technically-challeneged who doesn't want to spend any money?



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 Re: Real Audio Files

Yes there are many rm - mp3 convertors out there that are available. I think if you search enough you should be able to find a free one, or possibly a shareware version software that allows you load rm files and save as mp3 so many times before the free status expires.

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 Re: Real Audio Files

Hi Daniel,

Might give this a shot:


It appears the Steambox Ripper is "not available" but it actually is by going here and clicking on any of the numbers (7 for instance),

Looks pretty straight forward and I don't think there is any limitation on it, being that the company no longer offers or supports it.

Looks like certain types of Real Media are not compatible, have a hunch they may be coded so that they can't be converted. For instance, I have some files labeled "Real Player Presentation" and I can't get them to convert. But it still may be worth a try with just basic ram files.

Mike Balog

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