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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : An honest calvinist ~ Tim Conway

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 An honest calvinist ~ Tim Conway

I dont know if brother Tim Conway label himself a calvinist, but i have heard him say he holds to the doctrines of grace, and is reformed in his teaching, i have been listening to him for some time, and recently given him some extra time, so i wanted to share a biblestudy he held, that in way blessed me so much,and humbled me and i hope and pray some day i can look at scripture so honestly as this man and set my "system" of theology aside to just read what it says.

here is the link: Can I Lose My Faith? Absolutely Yes - Tim Conway


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 Re: An honest calvinist ~ Tim Conway

Hmmhmmm, Tim Conway is a very strong Calvinist and believes in eternal security from all the videos that I've seen him speak.

I'll see the video that you've posted.Just saw a bit but so far what he says does not contradict what he believes ie eternal security. May comment more when I've seen finished the full video.

I will also like to attach a clip stating that he believes a real Christian is one that will endure towards the end. He also mentioned who are the people that will fall out eg: Pharisees etc ie not the true Christians. The full video is also by the same youtube uploader ie I'llbehonest--one of my favourite youtube uploaders

The Enduring Life in Christ - Tim Conway


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Looks like I know what I'm doing tonight :-)

Thanks guys


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What a great Bible study concerning the doctrine of Perserverance of the Saints and how to view Biblical warnings about losing faith.

I like the part near the end when Tim speaks directly to a man and tells him that the reason he seems to have a problem with the idea of experiencing assurance of salvation is because he probably doesn't have any personal experience with a God-given assurance of his salvation. The man stands up and leaves! . . .


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