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Joined: 2003/9/16
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 Cool Ron

My friends at church are enjoying this one and I've listened to it a couple of hundred times over the last two weeks. It's been a real blessing to me.

There such passion for Jesus, it's palpable and so encouraging. That's the kind of heart I'm praying for.

Ed Pugh

 2004/10/26 21:10Profile

Joined: 2002/12/11
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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11

 Re: Cool Ron

If you liked "Wee Story", check a new comp I just sent 'bought' called "Young Donald McPhail Prays", its from a Duncan Campbell sermon, about this fire baptized 16 year old who prays in a meeting in the Hebrides revival, and the Fire FALLS.....I had presented the clip to bought without background music, and now I'm musing if I should add some. Bless God, its fun to be creative for the Kingdom.

Brother Neil, I got this one up on SermonIndex, great job with it, its a blessing to hear duncan campbell share his heart on revival and people coming into contact with God.

[url=]Young Donald Mcphail Prays (compilation)[/url]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2004/10/26 23:12Profile

 Thank you Greg

Thanks for the encouragement, let me testify a sec, the reason the Lord gave me that, is cuz I'm burning everything onto CD, and I heard the Donald MacPhail bit, and that bit just..........I mean I think of the reality of that boy, weeping, and gazing into heaven, and then I think of Evan Roberts , weeping, and begging those in the sanctuary to bend....bend, bend the church. Tears, we need more you know what I mean? Not only about people plodding towards the abyss, but the wrecks they make of their lives now. Mistake me not, I am no humanist, but why did Jesus weep? He saw that pain, that loss in others.

forgive me, blathering. Tears. Schma, if the world sees us weeping for them, they too will begin to weep for themselves. Oh praise God.

I'm burning all my sound files onto CD, so I can put this here computer into the shed, so I can write a book I started. Abba knows me, and if I dont do it, I'll write all day long on forums rather then getting serious.

God bless you, and God bless the work you do here, by offering such as Duncan Campbell to the saints of this 21st century cyber community, cyber-church. God is good, he puts us in communities, and in these days, those communities might be linked by silicon fibers.

My love to you, in Him,

 2004/10/27 1:10

 Re: The Most Unbelievable Comp

of the new batch is one called "Hell", by a brother from Ireland by the name of Simon.

Greg, this comp is STRONG!! I'm gonna burn it and play it either before the bible study or prayer meeting,

In Him, Neil

 2004/10/27 1:38

 Dear Brother Ron

Thank you so so much for turning me onto Carter Conlon and "Signs of an active faith"!! Bless God!! man! did that speak to my heart...thank you!

 2004/10/29 2:53

Joined: 2004/7/9
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The Netherlands

 Re: Thank you Greg

Abba knows me, and if I dont do it, I'll write all day long on forums rather then getting serious.

Dear's just as if you can read my thoughts. Even spiritual things can hold us back from communion with our Father.

I notice that it is easier for me to listen to sermons, to read stories, to read a book and to write on forums than to be one-on-one with the Lord. Just with His word and in's easier to receive words from men than to seek the words of God. But it's so necessary..if I don't eat, I cannot feed...if I don't meet my Lord every day, how can I witness for Him? How will I grow, how will He become more real and real every day?

God didn't say to Moses: "Don't come closer"...He wanted him to draw closer, but first he had to take of his shoes, because he was standing on holy ground. It takes time to draw closer to the heart of Jesus! To be with Him, is to leave everything else as it is...

Thanks for these words Neil! I take these words with me, because it's no coincedence that I read them. God bless you and let us fix our eyes solely on Jesus Christ, the Author and Perfector of our faith!

In Him,



 2004/10/29 4:26Profile

 Re: Brother Jess

"Street Meetings" is now my favorite compilation!

 2004/10/29 21:38

 Re: My Dear Bro Jesse

I'm done with the new comp that I dedicate to you and to Emily the girl missionary. Its called "My Dear People" (the testimony of Duncan Campbell) Its so huge, (33mb's) that I gots to snail mail it to 'bought'. Been thinking of you and praying for you.
Your bro in Jesus,

ps Iffin you want any of my comps burned onto a CD for you, just pm me with a mailing adress.....n.

 2004/12/11 20:44


Excellent! I can't wait to hear it. I know it will be powerful. Thanks

 2004/12/11 20:51

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