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Anyone know if COL Worship has a website for more info and music? thanks russ

 2010/7/30 12:39Profile

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I just got done downloading the rest of Sean Dietrich's songs amazing! Here on SI if you want to hear him sing then you should listen to the ones with the (Old Songs) thing pretty good stuff, He reminds me of Keith Green in the style of music. I went to his website and found that he does jazz music so if you like jazz he would be a great addition to any collect and its all free. Also he has more songs where he sings on some very good songs there too. :) I also found Christian Techno :S from another band on which is unusual but I thought it was funny that Christian techno exisited :)

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

 2010/7/30 12:53Profile

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