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 An old pome found in a strange way

Praying and praying about how to clear up (my own and others) misunderstanding on "The New Covenant" thread...getting off my knees to go get a cupo'coffee,
leaving the bedroom and passing by the bookshelf down fell the 7th volume of "The Westminster Pulpit" (G. Campbell Morgan) --one of many gifts from my mom (who prays and prays and prays for me and mine). It lay open towards the back of the book, on a sermon called, "Grace and Law."

Thank God how He strangely answers prayers through the most unlikely sources! Praise the Lord, and this was just after He told me about the how and why differences of perspectives on that thread.

Anyway, this poem is not from that sermon, however it got me thinking about the entertainer/audience mentality noted in some places, and the way some distance themselves into seclusion from facing the world with it's woes...and how i tend to get so detailed examining every little detail, when writing i get too wordy or complicated as that alot of people miss the message:

The parish priest of austerity
Climbed up in a high church steeple,
To be nearer God, so that he might hand
His word down to the people.

And in the sermon script he daily wrote
What he thought was sent from Heaven;
And he dropped it down on the peoples heads
Two times one day in seven.

In his age God said, "Come down and die,"
And he cried out from the steeple:
Where art Thou, Lord?" and the Lord replied,
"Down here among My people."

my need is to spend time editing out b4 posting.
Sorry for getting way out there writing (oft times) youz guyz.


 2010/7/24 1:02

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 Re: An old poem found in a strange way

Hello gregg,

What wonderful providence to have found the sermon and that lovely poem.

Let us all strive to get down among God's people.

I particularly appreciated your critique of your postings. I feel many of those points are also applicable to my replies, too. Thank God, we are not 'finished works,' yet. :)

white stone


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 Re: An old pome found in a strange way

gregg, I love this poem. Thanks for sharing.


Sandra Miller

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