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 sister Diane

beloved sister,
I now recant, in its form, my initial post.

it was hasty and its of a wrong spirit, in short, i am wrong.

the evidence that i'm wrong, in that "we've" been failing God for 1700 years, is this very website, sermonindex.

all the wonderful teachings? last night listened to dear Len Ravenhill, on "The Excellency of Knowing God"!

i'm 50 years old, if anything, i MYSELF have been failing God for 50 years, time to turn that around and repent.

a hasty post i made.

in Jesus' love, neil

 2010/9/6 12:49

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Phoenix, Arizona USA


You will have NO difficulty gaining a following when it comes to recognizing our failing culture. Even the secular experts know that what we are doing is intensely destructive - and in fact, destroying our next generation! The challenge now is: What do we do with the evidence? Do we do what has never worked historically: unite in the extirpation of evil - by deploying power and control? That is our bent, let’s admit. We even do it with our family and church. And that has been the cause of so much of the religious conflict and war. God didn’t call us to extirpate evil through our own means. We can’t even purify our own evil, let alone try to eradicate evil in others.

Excellent post Diane, thank you for sharing your insight, the part I quoted above is particularly helpful.

We have missed your input around here, hope you will post more often as the Lord leads.

Also, the HTML coding hasn't worked on this site for quite some time now nor has there been the ability to view recent posting history.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2010/9/6 13:36Profile

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 To Ron

We have missed your input around here, hope you will post more often as the Lord leads.

Also, the HTML coding hasn't worked …
Hi Ron, your encouragement means a lot to me! I do hope to get back involved on SI. There is so much yet to share together regarding the work of God and his people.

Also, I trust technological revival is forthcoming - in the fruition of time (like spiritual revival). At least now I know it’s not my computer that has been defective.

“In His time, in his time;
He makes all things beautiful in his time.”

Looking only to him,


 2010/9/6 14:30Profile

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 Re: To Neil

QUOTE BY NEIL: if anything, i MYSELF have been failing God for 50 years, time to turn that around and repent.
Your words echo many of my own self-monologues. I easily fall into the self-flogging pattern, frustrated that I should be a better person by now. But then - when I look at myself, what should I expect! I am looking in the wrong place, after all! I am looking at the filly rags and not at Christ’s glorious perfection. It is a vision problem, right? Where does God tell us to look? (Col. 3:1,2)

While self-evaluation is a key requirement in the journey to maturity, the devil so easily redirects our attention towards a destructive form of navel-gazing. That shouldn’t be surprising. He is, after all, a spirit of death. What comes from the Spirit is LIFE-producing. Christ has filled us with HIS abundant life.

Actually, Neil, that is a topic I am deeply absorbed in, and am working on a literary creation on that subject. What has God placed within us? And what are the implications? It is a vast subject – so vast that no “old wine skins” can contain it, least of all, my own words.

Yes, we are puny, weak, and fallen, but we have a great big God. And, it’s about HIM!

It’s time to stop navel-gazing at ourselves as horrible fallen individuals, or as the bad church, or as the despicable human race - and start looking at how much God has been doing and is doing right now in our world. We don’t know a fraction of it!

Negativity is harmful to us physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually. (It is also extremely contagious) It produces harmful emotions which put bad chemicals in our system (that is a vast topic that science is now un-covering). It makes us the very people God has called us OUT from. It is an affront to God’s design for humanity – and a sin against him, and his dear Son. Why should anyone want our God when they pick up these kind of vibes from us! Why should we expect him to bless us for that!

When I am finished writing “Filled with Inexpressible Joy”, I will post it. You are inspiring me - driving me on, Neil! PTL!

”May the God of hope FILL (!) you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Rom. 15:13

Now, that is repentance! It's as you say - "turning around" - changing the direction of our eye sight - and living in the strength of HIS joy.



 2010/9/6 15:02Profile

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