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 Thank you Lord


Over the weekend my dh and I spent most of our time cleaning and doing some small home repairs including getting our cooler ready for the summer heat. He spent much of the day up on the roof because we were having some troubles with the pump not coming on. After awhile things seemed to be working and we had the cool air flowing but after about an hour I noticed that the switch on the wall was very hot to the touch. I couldn't smell anything and the cooler was still working so I figured it was no big deal. We spent the rest of the after noon finishing up our chores. Just before we were ready to leave for the grocery store I decided to shut the cooler off. I just felt this urging that I should turn it off so I did and when I touched the switch again it felt like it had burned my hand it was so hot. I told my husband that I thought something was wrong so we opened it up and sure enough the wires inside had come loose and were arcing. They had completely melted two of the ground wires and the cap that held them in place. The inside of the little metal box was black and the switch was beginning to crumble. I just gave thanks to the Lord for letting us find that because if we hadn't my house could have gone up in flames. I give thanks to God for his care and provision in keeping my family safe as He did.

I just wanted to share how awesome our Heavenly Father is to love and care for us. I know I don't always see the big picture in things but that is really alright because He does. I can trust and have faith that He is in control always:)

God Bless

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 Re: Thank you Lord

Our God is so good...
How wonderously He takes care of us...??? All glory to Him alone....

Psalms 121:3
"He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber"

Ancy Royce

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 Re: Thank you Lord

I rejoice and praise God for His working. He truly shows His love and care for us in so many ways.

Praise you Father for your keeping this dear sister and her family safe. You are such a wonderful and good Father, Lord.
In Christ's name.


Jason Smith

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