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 greg violi

I have been going to his church for over 20 years, i feel to at least give one report from someone who has seen first hand and spent alot of time with him and his family over the years. He is the real deal i can tell you that, and he has a passion for the bride of Christ to come to maturity. Many people get angry because the Word is sharper than a double edged sword, before you judge listen to what he is saying and check it out in the scripures, look it up in the word even if it doesn't agree with a doctrine that you have heard, because he wont water down the Bible because of a doctrine. And if you have questions ask him i am sure he would talk to you, he is a really genuine person who loves the body of Christ.

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 Re: greg violi

sorry I wanted to edit not duplicate

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 Re: greg violi

Hello All,
I do not want to beat a dead horse, but I wanted to reply to a post about Greg. I met Greg in the United States while my husband and I were visiting family. At that time he had just stopped traveling with Arthur Burt whom I HUGELY admire. Arthur had traveled until the age of 90 and then "retired". Greg was the heir apparent. the one Arthur wanted to take over his ministry in the United States. I was a little leery of Gregs big statements, and it seemed although teaching on the sin of pride he had alot of pride of his own.

Another person I met during this time felt he was supposed to open up the doors for Greg to come to Europe. He first invited him to a church in the U.K. While folks reported a real move of God, there were also lots of problems. It was clear to some around them that the Violis marriage was not as perfect as they like to make out.

A couple of years later they made a trip to Germany, and i heard that they were speaking at a meeting in Aalen which is not so far from Stuttgart where I was at the time. At this time he was supposed to share the meeting with another brother I wanted to hear, but I was disappointed that this man of God was hardly allowed to speak, and Greg stopped him before he was finished speaking. It was clear that Greg thought himself the superstar with his Liberace look! When Greg started speaking he shared the same excellent translator that this brother had used, however for some reason, apprapo of absolutely nothing, in the middle of his preaching he stopped and shouted at the women "your not in the spirit, your breaking my flow, go sit down" Then in the public meeting asked if there was anyone else who could actually translate for me? The young women concerned was humbly quiet, but his outburst disrupted the whole meeting. For a long time no one came forward to translate and finally an older gentlemen in the meeting said "I could translate for you, but I will not be publicly humiliated like that". In the end the man took a microphone and stayed seated. He would not stand next to Greg.

I have heard lots of other reports about Greg including his abuse of people, overly religious attitude,misuse of finances and arrogant expectations of others.

I am only reporting my personal experience and feelings.I for one am surprised that Arthur Burt or anyone else supports Greg.

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I find your post interesting in the fact that it shows, your proclamation must match your testimony. That for me is what I am seeking in my heart, my proclamation and testimony to be perfectly unified in spirit and truth. I don't know anything about Greg Violi but if your report is true then it would go to show this facit of ministry is important no matter how big a name you have.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re:Greg Violi

I agree with you. Character and who we are in way more important then what we do. With Greg the 2 have never come together, which I find very strange for a public ministry.

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 Re: greg violi

I have heard Greg several times in person and on tape in the last three years. It seems he has moved on, and is willing to take responsibility for any loss of flow, instantly stopping himself to repent before God and man, and expose himself to greater scrutiny. I would be most surprised if the incident accounted by alittlegreen would be repeated. Having said that, the first thing Greg tells is that he's proclaiming the kingdom of light, and the kingdom of darkness is against it.

Before deciding his past failure's disqualify him from being a preacher of righteousness today, I wonder how many of us have been called by God to preach, either don't do it because we feel disqualified by the state of our relationship with the Lord because of sin, or because we are not prepared to put our lives on the line, becoming a prime target for the enemy?

The blood of Jesus Christ CLEANSES from ALL sin. GOD examines our hearts.

 2011/3/30 9:17

 On a path like me and you.

The problem with public ministry, is that things are made public. Wow! If people could see me when I'm bound by the Flesh.....I'm deeply ashamed at some of my carnality over the years; and especially in marriage...being so for 25 years..[ my wife passed 6 years ago..]

I haven't heard Viola, but have read Pagan Christianity, and thought it historically satisfying. I've had contact with German brothers who interpreted for him, and their testimony seems overall positive.

It seems like a little nitpicking to me...."problems in his marriage..."...and frustration while preaching in the pulpit. Did you ever consider that maybe the brother was under direct Principality Demonic Satanic attack?

I've experienced that now and then....when you cannot think, or barely move as the enemy barrages me while in ministry. This is not an occasion when criticism is needed...but prayer.

Viola has not , as far as I can see, violated any principles in Christ that would come close to rejecting him. If your looking for perfection; look to Jesus. The rest of us Earthlings are stained, struggling, and immature....just trying to learn how to love.

I think he has a lot to give to the body, especially in teaching about the understanding of Body life and order. Eat the meat; spit out the bones....but don't villainize him because he does not fit in the slots of your own Pharisaical standards.

He is , just like you and me.... weak flesh and blood.....and he IS a brother on a journey to maturity in Jesus.

 2011/3/30 10:18

 Re: On a path like me and you.

Good word, BrotherTom and Alive-to-God!

 2011/3/30 10:23

 Re: On a path like me and you.

Hi Brothertom,

I think you are referring to Frank Viola (in your mention of Pagan Christianity).

Greg Violi is a different person, now based in Germany at Bielefeld, Germany.


 2011/3/30 10:51

 My error....[forgive me..]

"I think you are referring to Frank Viola (in your mention of Pagan Christianity).

Greg Violi is a different person, now based in Germany at Bielefeld, Germany." Alive to God..

So sorry: You are right!....[ but maybe the exhortation was still valid????]...

I did talk to interpreters of Viola/i in Germany it may have been a mixed error. I apologize for the mix-up. I'm getting old and have my "senior moments"...Tom

 2011/3/30 11:23

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