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 Re: beware of Greg Violi!

Concerning beware of Greg Violi ..... it's not a bad statement if you address it to the kingdom of darkness.
Mathew 7:15 " Beware of false prophets". Then it says, "You will know them by their fruit."
Vs. 17 says, " Every good tree bears good fruit and a bad tree bears bad fruit."
Vs. 20 says, " By their fruits you will know them."

I am writing to testify of the good and lasting fruit of Greg Violi and his ministry.
I have known Greg for 9 yrs. I personally traveled with Greg for 5 or 6 yrs. as he ministered in many states in the US. In the years of traveling with him, we had many hours of up close and personal fellowship. I saw many lives healed and changed
to the glory of God, including my own. We traveled to a lot of the same people and churches over the yrs. I witnessed lasting fruit in many, many peoples lives. ( growth in Christ ) I saw selfless service to many people in many ways by Greg. He was also serving, personally, 2 International Ministries while doing his own. Because he believes in being a servant to the body of Christ. Greg is a man of integrity and I have witnessed he lives what he preaches. I personally know many people who would agree with me.
And his family, wife and children are a reflection of his walk with Jesus.
I've been a believer for 35 yrs. and I have seen many who don't walk what they preach.
Greg is also a man of prayer. There is a powerful anointing when Greg preaches the Word. There is a piercing and conviction to the heart as the Word comes forth.
Heb. 4:12 &13. As the Word ( light ) comes and exposes the darkness with much repentance ... for those hearts that are open to the Word. With deliverance and healing.
Mark 16:17 Tells us as believers to heal and cast out demons.
Like Jesus ( The Word ) did. To me Greg's message is one of repentance and denying oneself in walking a crucified life on a daily basis. Math. 16:24
To honor, glorify and worship God.
Concerning Todd Bentley, I was with Greg at Lakeland and he neither endorsed or judged Todd. Greg will always test the spirits as we all should to see if it is of God.
1 John 4:1
I have seen the Lord exalted and glorified through Greg and his ministry.
The Word says to give honor to whom it's due; and those who labor in the Word double honor.

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dear people, i know that it is a sensible topic but Greg has also a fase spirit and is decieving people like Heidi Baker. they all shere the same spirit! when Greg did visit Todd he thougt that this is from "god".

I have reviewed sermons by this brother and felt not to add them to SermonIndex at this point, to me that does not mean he is a false brother I just want to be faithful to God of who I add to the site for the different reasons God has it.

I am locking this thread because we do not have a tolerance for gossiping about brothers and speaking evil of them. A man's fruit will be evident. I believe if we were all busy enough with the Heavenly Fathers work in our life's we would not have time to speak evil of other brothers.

But there is a time to warn the saints from very clear deception. I feel in this case this brother might have some teachings that are not classified as normal in the nominal evangelicalism and therefore seem strange. I encourage everyone to be a berean and not to accept a man no matter how charismatic or spiritual they seem unless they are preaching the clear word of Christ.

This thread is being locked and we ask the same subject not to be brought up again.

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