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 beware of Greg Violi!

dear people, i know that it is a sensible topic but Greg has also a fase spirit and is decieving people like Heidi Baker. they all shere the same spirit! when Greg did visit Todd he thougt that this is from "god". but we all know it isnt! and he is not just decieved but he is decieving other by laying hand on them so they fall backwards. they get demons through him. it is sad to say but it is the truth. it doesnt matter if he is saying many good things, its the spirits behind him we must be aware of and these are demons! the same like behind Heidi Baker, Patricia King, Todd Bentley and other, who are all friends!! Heidi Baker is one of the most dangerous because of her false zeal for Christ!

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America's Heartand

 Re: beware of Greg Violi! we really need another thread bashing folks? NO!
Here we go on another witch hunt!

How about a little fire scarecrow?

Everybody look there's a new bandwagon in town
Hop on board and let the wind carry you around
Seems like there's not enough to keep us busy till the Lord comes back
Don Quixote's gotta have another windmill to attack Another Witch Hunt looking for evil wherever we canfind it Off on a tangent, hope the Lord won't mind it
Another Witch Hunt,
takin' a break from all our gospel labor
On a crusade but we forgot our saber- Witch Hunt!
There's a new way to spend all our energies
We're up in arms instead of down on our knees
Walkin' over dollars trying to find another dime
Never mind the souls 'cause we really haven't got the time So send out the dogs and tally ho Before we sleep tonight we've got miles to go
No one is safe, no stones left unturned
And we won't stop until somebody gets burned
Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Bro Brothers
Another Witch Hunt looking for evil wherever we can find it Off on a tangent, hope the Lord won't mind it
Another Witch Hunt, takin' a break from all our gospel labor On a crusade but we forgot our saber

Words by Bob Hartman

MrPaul...this is another witch hunt! Please delete it.

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 Re: beware of Greg Violi!

There is a funny thing that comes along with this kind of post, I will say this Satan is the Accuser of the Brethren when He accuses you he doesn't lie to God he is bringing actual things you are doing that should without a doubt disqualify you. He is presenting truth because he knows he can't lie to God. When we operate with a similar accusation that very well could be true we must remember that Jesus Christ is always in the Seat of Intercession rather than accusation. Satan and Jesus both are looking for a mouthpiece Satan is looking for a mouthpiece of Accusation while Christ Jesus is always looking for a mouthpiece of intercession. I learned this truth from Brother Zac Poonen and have been working on being a mouthpiece of intercession and prayer rather a mouthpiece of Satan that accuses even in truth.

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: beware of Greg Violi!


With respect, you are speaking to some here who know Greg Violi personally, and who have personal testimony of his ministry in both preaching and prayer.

Of course it is natural for demons to be disturbed by the presence of one who is filled with the HOLY Spirit. We read of this in Mark's third chapter (Mark 3:10, 11), in the presence of Jesus Christ the Son of God.

If we believe that Jesus Himself is in us by the Holy Spirit (see John 17), the same may happen - that as the minister (for instance, Greg Violi - but I know of others also) seeks the word of God for a troubled soul, he is directed to send an evil spirit away.

Afterwards, a believer may face difficulty in abiding in that liberty, because their mind may not yet be renewed; they may not understand how the spirit used to affect them. It is necessary for the person to be very open to the Lord for further correction and understanding, or, as Jesus warned, that spirit, and others, may trouble the person's life: Matthew 12:45, Luke 11:26.

Always where there are evil spirits, there is a failure on the part of the Christian to accept the effect of the cross in their life.

All Christians MUST understand that to be free from sin (have victory over sin, self and devils), they MUST receive the SPIRITUAL effects of the DEATH of Jesus Christ, IN THEIR OWN heart, and mind, and body. This is a personal transaction with God which will lead to observable changes in that person.

Pride is the main issue which prevents a person from accepting, or demonstrating, their own need for internal change.

Flesh is very strong, but Jesus Christ is stronger - if we will receive Him INTO our WHOLE lives.

 2010/6/26 10:34

 Re: beware of Greg Violi!

they all share the same spirit! when Greg did visit Todd he thought that this is from "God". but we all know it isn't!

It would be of great benefit if you get yourself a spell checker or use Firefox.

I wouldn't say that Todd's ministry is not completely of God. You can't just judge "everything" to be not of God. If any notable, any genuine miracle happens by the laying on of hands through Todd in Jesus name, that healing, that miracle, that word if it comes to pass is of God regardless if that man doesn't have a perfect belief.

Now don't reply and tell me the lie that Satan can work miracles. Satan cannot bring about life. His nature is death, destruction, and deception. He takes that which is true and try to twist it. He cannot cause an arm to be restored, or remove cancer. His nature is death. Know that!!

I don't know Greg Violi personally, but I know that several people on this site have benefited from his ministry in the healing of many issues as the word of God was being preached to them.

Just because a preacher doesn't have an iron clad doctrine that matches the bible or even your own, doesn't mean that he is a false brethren. If any of these men hold to the fact that Jesus Christ is their salvation by grace through faith and that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed them from all unrighteousness and that there is nothing that they can further do to make themselves more righteous, then they are more on solid ground than we first thought. If they are Gods', God will correct them. God will humiliate them publicly to correct them if they are His.

It was wrong of you to post your initial posting warning us. Be careful that the same measure you mete will return to you. Because you spoke evil against this man, this is a fact that all can attest to, you will be judged in the coming weeks, for we know that when we lift a hand against another brother, God lifts His hand against us. Not to destroy us, rather to warn us to be careful how we deal with another brother without the proper authority from the Spirit of God to do so.

 2010/6/26 16:32


I Cor. 13:12-13

II Cor. 3:16-17, 18

 2010/6/26 17:13

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 Re: beware of Greg Violi!

I don’t know Greg Violi and I don’t intend to pass judgment either. As for his connections with Todd Bentley and others, I don’t know if they are well substantiated.
But I do know that we must be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves (Matthew 10:16). I also know that Satan is a master deceiver and that his servants are as well (2 Corinthians 11:13-15). And remember that the secret power of lawlessness is already at work, just as the coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan, displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12). We are called to have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them (Ephesians 5:11).
Having said this, I thank MrPaul for bringing up his concern. I don’t know what led you to write this, but it seems that your concern was genuine, regardless of the validity of its accusation. I agree with others who have replied in this thread that we must be careful about taming the tongue (James 1:26, 3:9-12, 4:11-12, 5:9). Believe me, as I write this and read these verses, I am convicted about my own use of my tongue. However, may I lovingly remind all people that this applies to everyone. I pray that this reply will bring us together in the unity of the Spirit of Christ (John 17:21-23).
May God bless all of you.

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 Re: Critical Judgementalism

I read something in The Calvary Road by Roy Hession that I'd like to share. It relates to the critical and judgmental spirit that some Christians have toward those who differ with them theologically.

"Now we all know what Jesus meant by the mote in the other person's eye. It is some fault which we fancy we can discern in him; it may be an act he has done against us, or some attitude he adopts towards us. But what did the Lord Jesus mean by the beam in our eye? I suggest that the beam in our eye is simply our unloving reaction to the other man's mote. Without doubt there is a wrong in the other person. But our reaction to that wrong is wrong too! The mote in him has provoked in us resentment, or coldness, or criticism, or bitterness, or evil speaking, or ill will--all of them
variants of the basic ill, unlove. And that, says the Lord Jesus, is far, far worse than the tiny wrong (sometimes quite unconscious) that provoked it. A mote means in the Greek a little splinter, whereas a beam means a rafter. And the Lord Jesus means by this comparison to tell us that our unloving reaction to the other's
wrong is what a great rafter is to a little splinter! Every time we point one of our fingers at another and say, "It's your fault," three of our fingers are pointing back at us. God have mercy on us for the many times when it has been so with us and when in our hypocrisy we have tried to deal with the person's fault, when God saw there was this thing far worse in our own hearts."

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I know brother Greg very good, I am one of his interpreters in Germany and I would like to clarify some things:

1) Greg did visit Lakeland. But he told me personally, that he doesn't believe that Lakeland was a real revival, because there was no or little repentance.

2) Greg does not judge Todd nor anyone else. He leaves that to God, because God is the judge. That does not mean that Greg support his teachings, not at all. I know this very well.

3) let every fact be established by two or three witnesses. I know that Alive-To-God knows Greg and I know that my dear brother from Germany, Daniel knows Greg and I think he can confirm what I am testifying here.

I think the brother who does the accusing is exactly doing the devils job and this is very dangerous and I can testify that what he says is a lie. My Life has totally changed through the ministry of Greg, Daniel is totally transformed through Gregs ministry and I could tell testimony after testimony from brethren here in Germany who are changed!

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I can testify to Aussiedlers post and give my full amen. I have also traveled with Greg and visited him and have been deeply impacted by him. He is a true and dear brother who loves God and speaks the truth. He does not put demons in people, rather have I seen multitudes of people set free. His main focus is on the heart and he teaches about humility and pride, our need to repent of our pride and love God in humility. I think few people walk in a reality of Gods presence and love and truth like he does. Everyone is free to see or hear for himself, for example at Aussiedlers homepage, there you can find his sermons.

God bless,

Daniel Sahm

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