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 Jim Bakker

I was wondering if any of you knew more about Jim Bakker now that he is out of prison, I watched a video on youtube of him preaching. He preached passionately against the prosperity gospel and its evils. He said while in prison he read the Matthew,Mark,Luke, and John everyday for 5 years and the gospel became so engrained that He couldn't deny it. The video was called Jim Bakker renounces the Prosperity gospel as a lie. From what I heard he seemed very sincere about his new found convictions. What are your thoughts on this? I am just kind of curious as to how long I have been out of the loop on this kind of thing :S.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Jim Bakker

This is good to hear. My husband and I were called to Jesus through the PTL Club and 'The Power of Positive Thinking.' It was very sad to watch the Bakker's seemingly self-inflicted suffering.

Thank you for posting it.
white stone


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 Re: Jim Bakker

I saw him speak right after getting out of prison, I also read his book " I Was Wrong". I thought he seemed very sincere as well. A few years in prison can change a man. I haven't heard much about him since then though.


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Last I heard he was still in the Branson area of Missouri. He was staying on a large 500+ acre resort type area dedicated to the ministry in Blue Eye, MO. This small city/town borders Arkansas. He has a show also. The last message I heard him preach was pretty aggressive. About 5 years ago my brother sat down and talked to him, meaning he is very approachable now. Of course Tammy Faye died here in Kansas City a few years ago. Jim seems to have made a radical change.

Robert Wurtz II

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Thank God that He chastens those that are His true sons, and the Lord really got a hold of Jim Baker in prison, and true repentance took place.

The same thing happened to Jimmy Swaggart after his moral failures. Jimmy Swaggart's main message for the last several years has been the cross of Christ.

Praise God for His faithfulness!



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