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 What do you think of this???

PSALM 151:

1 This psalm was written by David himself

after he fought single-handedly with Goliath.

I was the smallest among my brothers,

and the youngest in my father’s household.

I used to take care of my father’s sheep.

2 My hands constructed a musical instrument;

my fingers tuned a harp.

3 Who will announce this to my Lord?

The Lord himself—He is listening.

4 He himself sent his messenger

and took me from my father’s sheep,

and anointed me with his anointing oil.

5 My brothers were handsome and big,

but the Lord did not approve of them.

6 I went out to meet the foreigner;

he called down curses on me by his idols.

7 But I pulled out his own sword;

I beheaded him and thereby removed reproach from the Israelites.

It was pulled from a downloaded Bible (Net Bible), which states it to be Apocrypha. Personal opinion is that it is not David, and is pseudo-apocrypha.

What about you?


I don't have any reasons yet, having just noticed it and provide it for your perusal and opinion. knwledge behind this, or whatever else makes the text float or sink.


 2010/6/16 21:35

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 Re: What do you think of this???

My KJV does not have a 151st Psalm. For that reason, alone, I would pass on studying it.



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 Re: What do you think of this???

My personal opinion is that this is not the work of David. It seems to be more of a descriptive narrative of personal events. The psalms do contain a variety of emotions from fear, despondency to unrestrained declaration of love for Gods word. But they all seem to point to God regardless of whatever the initial emotional sentiments of the writer was. This Psalm just seems so different. Forgive my unlearned self but i cant see what the writer is trying to convey about God. It seems to point to 'I' if it indeed was inspired by the holy spirit what is its relevance?

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 Re: What do you think of this???

We should take into consideration what is written in Revelation 22 verses 18 and 19, about taking away and adding to the word of God.

Seems like futile garbage to me.

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