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 A need for the prayer of the faithful

hello Saints,

I am reaching out to this community to seek the prayers and travail of the saints on my behalf, but not just out of what I need, but for many who need such prayer and touch.

Here is my story,

I am in my forties, I have been carried by grace for some 20 years of my life. I truly seek your prayers becuz I am a nursing student suffering with anxiety attacks/ disorders whatever the medical community would like to call it. I started having them in February, but now as I have progressed throughout the program, they seem to vex me more and more often.

I seek the Lord, I weep bitterly, I cry a river over this "thing", and by faith, I believe the report of the Lord, and it isn't sometimes until we go through such sufferings or conditions that we realize God or life is nothing to play around with. Please do not assume that I have been playing, it is just a figure of speech into what I am attempting to explain.

My (spiritual)heart hurts and longs for God to remove or heal this " thing" that has come upon me. I have a family, we love each other dearly and I do not like the idea of them having to have to see me this way.

My sleep is broken constantly, I wake in cold sweats, my literal heart pounds at night, and it is just as I begin settle for bed that these things occur. I do take something for the anxiety, but I lonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg saints for God to bless me with victory from this...

Please I need people with experience and the truest of intentions to pray with me through this, and any comments, please, let them come from God's heart.... Any experiences and words of encouragement will be thoroughly appreciated.

A brother in Christ

Thank you all in advance for you prayers n support

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 Re: A need for the prayer of the faithful

i'll pray for you brother. don't give up. Luke 11:9,10.


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 Re: A need for the prayer of the faithful

God bless you, brother. There are two sermons by Carter Conlon that I know of he speaks of anxiety attacks he used to have and being delivered. Here they are and I hope they help you....

He Lives in Me by Carter Conlon

Chopping Wood for Father by Carter Conlon

God bless you,


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Lysa thank you very much, both of you thnks for the encouragement.

If I could add, it is such fear and startle that comes over you, I realize what Paul says in Romans that we have a spirit of adoption, and not a spirit of fear unto bondage. I realize what he told Timothy, that God has not given us a Spirit of fear but of love, power, and of a sound mind, but I cant fend it off, it just raises its ugly head.

I pray, I plead with God, and I ask him as a Father that loves his Children. I do not give up on God becuz of how delivering he has been in the past, but it just makes u wonder and ask sometimes, where are thou Lord?

I know the Word tells me, he will never leave me nor forsake me, Lo, I am with you always, He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind stayed upon him.

I quote them, I believe them, but God seems to come when he sees fit....

Thanks again,, A brother in Christ

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