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 Prayer conference call tonight ( Tues June 15th)

HI Saints,

Our prayer conference call is back on again after last weeks conference in Canada, praise God for all His work there. We pray that there will be lasting impact in that area and that the local saints will have been encouraged. Judging by the testimonies on the last evening, this certainly seems to be the case, may the Lord be praised.

Why don't you come and join us and pray for revival tonight? Perhaps it has been a while since you have joined us or have cried out to the Lord to send revival to the land ? Call tonight at 7pm Pacific time(8pm mountain time, 9pm central time or 10pm eastern time) The number is 218-339-2222 and when prompted enter 7729#.

Brother Jimmy Humphrey will lead out tonight.

 2010/6/15 12:52

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Charlotte, NC

 Re: Prayer conference call tonight ( Tues June 15th)

I look forward to it brother Frank :-)

Jimmy H

 2010/6/15 17:58Profile


Prayer starts in 20 Frank

 2010/6/15 21:37

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I thought I was going to be able to make it but I had to work tonight :( I really miss being able to call in and pray with you all it was always an encouragement I will set my mind to be there next week because I know I don't have to work! I hope you all enjoy the time of prayer I will be there in spirit.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

 2010/6/15 21:41Profile


amen brother, praying Frank

 2010/6/15 22:10

 Re: Prayer conference call tonight ( Tues June 15th)

Just recounting prayer requests:

1. Revival for God's people

2. Jimmy's dad's recovery from surgery, and family in this.

3. Richard's family: particularily, Emmanuel's recovery from whiplash, and the growth of his son into Christ Jesus being newly redeemed.

4. Brian

5. Charmaine

6. Prayer's towards the salvation of Frank's brother.

7. For all believer's---> Col. 1:9, 10, 11, 12.

Finally, God dealt with me regarding Brother Jimmy's message, in relation to where He is leading me and that is not to be said, yet, the according revelation from the Lord follows<-----(relative to brother Jimmy's message).

Consider the stones of the altar we ourselves. In the N.T. we are referred to living stones in the Building of God, Jesus Christ being the chief-cornerstone of this temple, the household of God.
Eph. 2:19, 20, 21, 22

When Solomon prayed dedicating the temple built to YHVH, this temple is referred to as the house of sacrafice. This is where God manifests His presence. Therein was where the fire fell, even as upon Elijah's sacrafice to God, the altar.

We are living stones (1 Pet. 2:4, 5), as His living sacrafice (Rom. 12:1), the temple of the living God (1 Cor. 6:19).

(1 Kings 18)
Now, Elijah poured 4 water-pots on the altar, which represents God in His fullness (El, Yaweh (aka: N.T. Yeshuah Messiah), Shekinah, Elohim).

The water poured forth and over the stones is the word of God.
Is. 55:1, 3, 10, 11

Eph. 5:26, 27

Jn 3:5

The fire consuming the water, the stones, the wood, and the sacrafice is the manifest power of God, known in the N.T. through baptism in the Holy Spirit.

God Bless all ya'll
in no greater love:
Jesus Christ,
Acts 20:32

 2010/6/16 20:07

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