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Hey Maryjane. Is there any significance in the fact that your brother has not contacted you for over 10 years and now has? Just wondering. My dad does not go to any Catholic events what-so-ever, although he did go to his mothers funeral, but very reluctantly. The problem I see with my dad though is that he is extremly bitter against the Catholic church because they lied to him. He was born-again at the age of 49. The real problem for me about my father is that all anyone sees is his anger, its sad.
I just wanted you to know that I understand the complexities of your situation.

I was born a Catholic, Catholic education, Catholic community in Scotland. Although, praise the Lord, my mother was born-again when I was 7. So I was raised by a drunk, non-practising Catholic father and a wonderful born-again mother. The parish priest used to come up to our house every Friday night supposeldy to talk to my dad, but of course it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out where an alcoholic would be on a Friday night.

So he would talk to my mother at length about Christianity. He was facinated by someone claiming to actually know Jesus. My poor grandma went to mass seven days a week. My mother would witness to her her mother-in-law all the time and of course my moms life was a witness of the reality of Jesus. A few years before she died she almost had what they thought was a nervous breakdown. She was extremely distaught and kept telling people that her sins had help crucify Jesus. My mother gently explained to her that this was true but that there was mercy to be found at the cross if she would surrender her life to Jesus and that she would find her peace in Him. The very next day the family had her committed. The next time my mom saw her, she told her that she "had made her decision." My grandmother chose the Catholic church and died in her sin.

The Catholic church has fooled countless milions over the centuries. Catholics are a rich harvest field but can be very difficult to share the Gospel with. It takes much wisdom and love and patience from the Lord, especially when it comes to Frank

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If it so happens that God doesn't want her to go for reasons that we are unable to understand now, will not God also honour her. Will God allow her father's reputation to be dishonoured. No. Maybe in the short term, there may be some pain etc, but in the long term, God will honor those who honor his wishes.


I agree completely. Trust in the Lord and the leading He has for you.


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God has already said His will. Of course He might say differently in certain circumstances and that is what should be sought.

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Frank you wrote:

Is there any significance in the fact that your brother has not contacted you for over 10 years and now has? Just wondering.


My brother stopped talking to me years ago, even before this last spell of ten years. My oldest brother made a promise to my dad and I am sure he wants to keep that promise so he is attempting to bring all the children together for this service. My dad died last August in 09 and I did not hear from my brother at that time so I do not think that there is any desire on his part to reconnect. Even his email made it clear what he is hoping to accomplish in having us all come for this service and spreading of my dads ashes. This is my brothers way to full fill a promise he made to my dad.

Thank you for sharing with me.

God Bless

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