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 Re: Orthodox discerners of true and false teaching! (Is it you?)

Amen brother Frank. Very good word. None of us should think that we are beyond falling into this trap. I have had to check myself from time to time when my Christian life became rote and my spirit became critical. I praise God that He spoke to me by His Spirit in those times and lined me out. Everything we do must flow forth from a vibrant and active relationship with God through Christ.

God used the marriage relationship as a picture of our relationship with Him. What does a marriage look like when one spouse maintains the "rules" of the relationship but the passionate love is gone? May we stay passionate about the Lord and allow all we do to flow out of that love.


 2010/6/14 20:54Profile


I have in recent years looked at the "first love" as being the grace of God to which we are saved by faith.

Not everyone has an intimate relationship with Jesus. Some get very close while others have a relationship but not as deep. The disciples being the foundation of the Church along with Jesus being the chief cornerstone, only a few of them are mentioned to have some sort of close relationship with Jesus. Peter for one and especially John, and James. There is hardly any mention of any significance of the others, except Judas. The reason why I am saying this and please I am not trying to split doctrinal hairs, but the "First Love" here is I think referring to the basic foundation of the Apostles doctrine, because Jesus is telling them to do the first works again, in other words repent and start over get back to being under grace and not law.

By the way Frank, I have read the first post and completely agree with it. I thought I'd interject a thought about the "first love" bit.

 2010/6/14 21:18


Snuf writes......

"I thought I'd interject a thought about the "first love" bit."

Its good to interject brother. I love the varying opinions of my brothers and sisters. We are like wild flowers growing in a field :) Frank

 2010/6/14 21:25

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