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I posted this vid a few weeks ago and it got pulled.


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oops..perhaps i should pull it as well then..i wasn't looking for a debate.. :)


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dear sister, you didnt do bad by posting that, and you got no debate with me...quite the contray i'm indebted to you, the Holy Spirit rattled my cage to pursue Jeremiah 23 for 7 days, then Jeremiah 30-33 for 7 rancor beloved sister, only love in Jesus my beloved sister, neil

 2010/6/11 0:46

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 Re: Praise teams

Matthew, that is exactly what happened at the church I used to go to; one whole family was the praise team. Matthew, I do not mean to tell you what to do; let me share what happened at the church I used to go to. It just might be that there are a few important questions your pastor needs to ask this family:

What were the last two churches you attended?
Why did you leave?
And did you all leave together?

I'm sure they're other questions but those three are tell-tell signs of things to come in your church. This is what I learned from going to my former church and working with a family praise team and that a pastor needs the strength and support to ask a new family, “I’m going to call and ask about this, so I'd like to hear your side of the story first but what's most important to me is, does anyone need to apologize and make anything right with these other churches before I ALLOW you to begin a new ministry here?”

Now, the praise team family that was at my former church was a nice enough family but when they left, they ALL left, took all their equipment and they didn’t leave any talent behind because ultimately they didn’t play well with others.

Now most pastors don’t like to ask the hard questions because they’re afraid a family like this will up and leave (and there go people I could be ministering to, that come to hear them!).

Anyway, keep your ears open and your eyes upon God... like I'm telling anything you don't already know!! (huge grin)

God bless you brother and your church,



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 Re: Lysa

Wow, there is some wisdom there sister. Thank you for sharing that.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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Thanks for the advice Lisa I was thinking about that as well and I am not sure if any of those questions were asked. I thought also about them leaving and the effects it would have on the church and well everything, if this is that type of family when they are tired of the church they will just up and leave crippling our churches ministry for a time. However I will not jump to conclusions but simply think of them higher than myself but stay on alert with a sound mind in all of this.

Matthew Guldner

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