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 it's no longer with us



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 Re: watch this..flee babylon video

Ok I am 57 years old, but go to a pretty on fire contemporary church, but what did I just listen to. I know the point, but what is it pointing me to. What is this all about. Is there a movie coming out? Is there more to the video. It would almost seem like the upstaged have been upstaged. Where is the simplicity of the cross. What are they giving us here? I can't figure it out. I admit confusion.


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Goldminer - The point of the video is to show the silliness of mans doings in relation to the things of God. It's supposed to be a "spoof" if you will.

Hope that helps.

David Benoit

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 Re: watch this..flee babylon video

Ok, I got that it was a parody BUT I wanted to add that this video was produced by NorthPoint Church (Andy Stanley's church), his church is about as big as that purpose driven guy's church.

Maybe I take things way to seriously (huge grin), but I've been to NorthPoint and they do everything exactly as they parodied in that video. So I don't know what they were trying to parody. (When I was there, they had people stationed at all 20 of their exit doors and wouldn't let anyone leave because it would let light into the sanctuary because one of the guys that was with us tried to leave!)

Are you saying that "fleeing babylon" is like fleeing these types of churches? If so, I understand that! And I do know having to explain something takes all the fun out of it!! I'm sorry!

Go to and see everything they have for pastors to run a church! I don't know why they would have made fun of themselves after looking through that stuff.

Anyway, God bless you...


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 Re: watch this..flee babylon video

i watched that video, and then i went to insidenorthpoint dot org, and i watched this other video that attracted my attention, called "church for the unchurched", and it was this skinny white guy, God love him, i'm not judging him, he's a better man than i am, for sure, but there were four words he said that just didnt sit right.

....."can we create a church".....

etc etc etc etc.

"can WE create a church"?


you gotta be kidding me!

please understand me, i'm not some neo pharisee holding a membership card in the "church of i hate you".....but i want to scream and tear my hair out and ask these, not only the modern ones, the post modern ones, the emerging ones, the "evangelicals" who have fornicated with worldly political powers and have been exposed for their wickedness, i want to scream:


dont they understand the Day of the Lord is coming to North America and soon.

(later add) in the "unchurched" video, i DO understand "Andy's" heart, but it all seems to me like some sterile marketing presentation you'd hear at any business seminar.

we KNOW the world is gone mad, but it seems to me as if the little "c" church has taken the bait and gone TOTALLY mad and insane with the world.

Its no wonder the Essenes FLED the hellishness and the phoniness of Jerusalem 1st Century AD and went to Qumran, far away as they could get.....

i'd like to smash every headset mike these "pastors" use, i'd like to smash every "powerpoint" presentation beamed up on a screen every every Sunday, all the thousands of dollars spent on those metal and polyester pew seats that you can hook on one another, all facing forward, so all can look at the BACK of your brother's or sisters head, PASSIVE, just drinking in this swill that passes for a "three point sermon", said "pastors" asking one another, (and i've heard this with my own ears) "how many did you run this Sunday?"

oh boy!! "6,000!" yahoo! you gots you a MEGA CHURCH!

would to God they beg Him to BURN Jeremiah 23 into their very souls!!!!

you know what i want to do myself as the Lord leads, every single day for 7 days, i'm going to read Jeremiah 23, let that Word burn into REAL DEEP, and then, only then shall I go to the Book of Consolation, which is Jeremiah 30-33, and read that 7 days over and over.

now i know my devotional readings for the next weeks, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Ghost, and thank you poster you pinned this up on the forum, may God bless you so richly, i mean that in the Love of Christ, neil

 2010/6/10 11:54

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 Re: Natan4Jesus

Amen brother, I suspect that the sheep who do know Jesus and know his voice are beginning to hear also the slightly metallic ring of their King's brass feet approaching in the distance... Would to God we were living in preparation to look upon the gaze of Him whose eyes are as fire!

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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This video just about makes me puke! Fortunately Neil and Areadymind have a better sense of mind to describe their dislike for the ideas shared then I do.

Really now! Can you imagine Peter, Paul, John, Andrew, James, Philip, Matthew, Thomas acting like this?


Sandra Miller

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Dear mother Ginny,

you asked, "Can you imagine Peter, Paul, John, Andrew, James, Philip, Matthew, Thomas acting like this?"


Jeremiah 23 for 7 days for me, then the Book of Consolation Jeremiah 30-33 for 7 more.


get my head out this world.

 2010/6/10 18:26

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Neil and all,

"Can we create a church," is exactly what sets the babylonian-driven church from the Spirit-driven church, imho.


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Thank you Lisa for pointing out that the Church that made that video was mocking themselves? I watched a video that was very convicting called The Fire by Nate Pfeil very very convicting of the flesh. As I grow in the Lord the more and more discontent I am with the status quo of the church. Not trying to be in a critical spirit here my church has fallen into a lot of the "programs" mentaliy but luckily we aren't big enough really to run tons and tons of programs. The one thing we do I feel is we greet people with great love and acceptance dispite what the person appears to be, one of our greeters particularly is always happy like seriously and such an encouraging person. We don't have anything special as far as training for people that greet or a system set up they just greet naturally which is the way it should be. Our church is about 50 strong. Something that does worry me is we just got a new family that has been a great blessing to our church because they are all musically talented so they have joined the praise team our head pastor came up to me yesterday at practice and said "Hey if you guys keep it up at the rate you are going we are going to have lots of people coming just to hear the music" UGH! What happened to hear from God? I hardly want to become like this churches video but this seems inevitable if my head pastor mentality is This worship will draw in the crowds.

I guess I will keep praying.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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