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Locport, Illinois

 pastor needed

My church in Willow Springs Illinois is still looking for a pastor, we just had a vote for a pastor yesterday who had been preaching for a few months at the church and the church voted against it. So the process is starting over again and they need help finding someone. The qualifications are basically that you have ministry experience or college experience in the ministry. They want someone who is southern baptist or who will become southern baptist, basically except the doctrine. We really want what the Lord wants at our church and we need someone who knows the Lord, has been called by the Lord to shepherd a church. It is a small church and congregation, i think the most i have seen in the church is maybe 50 or 60 possibly a little less or more than that, i don't really count but estimate. I wouldn't be afraid of the whole southern baptist thing, we really our a Christ centered church and believe in preaching the word of God and to live according to the word. If you know anyone interested or our interested i will give you a number to call our elder of the church.

John Beechy

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 Re: pastor needed

i can't recommend anyone but i'll pray for you guys.and i think this is the best thing your church can do now in these curcumstances-continue praying to God to send them a pastor.God bless.


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