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 Really in need of some prayer

If the Lord leads you please pray for me as I am really struggling with temptation with my eating struggles again.I am not even sure what set this off or how I got to this place and I hate that I am here again that I am tempted to take control and walk in sin in this area. I hate that I allow flesh to make excuses. Most of all I thought I was done with all of this and yet lately its become such a struggle all over again. I know that I must draw on HIS strength because I am failing. I know only God can help me through this and I need HIM to help me see things as they really are, not in a distorted way or view of myself. I do not want to obsess about weight or food. Please pray for me.

Thank you
God Bless

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 Re: Really in need of some prayer

As well as prayer, you need to find out what the trigger was for you to return to your eating struggles.

The answer might be easier than you realise.

God is good.

God bless.

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 Re: Really in need of some prayer

of course dear MJ, i will pray for you.

i had a feeling something might have been stirred when you made your very brave transparent authentic testimony the other day, and i think you are very brave.

i got to do the dishes here at the farm, and then i had a need myself to go into the woods and get on my face, i feel crushed too, and i will remember you before Jesus....think about Him, He's praying for us right now, He said it in the Word, and Jesus is True.

May God comfort your heart this second, in Jesus' Name, neil

 2010/6/1 12:03

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 Re: Really in need of some prayer

I will be praying Mary Jane. Please pray for me also, as the Lord has gotten me back to basics as far as food is concerned and every thing tastes so wonderful that I am almost beside myself with delight.

It would seem that this would be a good time to fast - to set aside all of this delicious food in favor of my wonderful Lord and Saviour who has so graciously provided such bounty.

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 Re: Really in need of some prayer

You have opened your heart up to the Lord, and to the saints.
He hears your heart cry.
He knows all about us, and He loves us so much.
I sense you are trying to draw closer to our Lord and Savior.
The enemy of our souls doesn't want us to press on.
I pray that Jesus will draw you closer to Himself, and show you how much you are loved by Him.
We are all in a struggle of some kind.
I'm 71, and I wish I could tell you that I'm not tempted, but that would be a lie.
We need Jesus more than ever now and we need each other.
May God touch us all.

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Joined: 2006/7/31
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Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. I was able to eat some small dinner last night with out making the trip to the bathroom afterward to purge. I was very tempted to do so but I spent time in prayer and just keep turning to the Lord.
Your prayers were and are such a help. Thank you more then I can express.

Thank you again I am seeking to take one day at a time in Him right now.
God bless

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