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 Alone With God- A.W. Tozer

Alone With God

And Jesus went up on the mountain, and there He sat with His disciples. --John 6:3

Just prior to this miraculous multiplying of the bread and fish, Jesus "went up on a mountainside and sat down with his disciples"(6:3). That fact is noteworthy. It seems plain that Jesus withdrew purposely from the great press of people who had been pursuing Him.

There are some things that you and I will never learn when others are present. I believe in church and I love the fellowship of the assembly. There is much we can learn when we come together on Sundays and sit among the saints. But there are certain things that you and I will never learn in the presence of other people.

Unquestionably, part of our failure today is religious activity that is not preceded by aloneness, by inactivity. I mean getting alone with God and waiting in silence and quietness until we are charged with God's Spirit. Then, when we act, our activity really amounts to something because we have been prepared by God for it....

Now, in the case of our Lord, the people came to Him, John reports, and He was ready for them. He had been quiet and silent. He had sat alone with His disciples and meditated. Looking upward, He waited until the whole hiatus of divine life moved down from the throne of God into His own soul. He was a violin tuned. He was a battery recharged. He was poised and prepared for the people when they came. Faith Beyond Reason, 130,133. "Lord, I'll spend a lot of time in the company of people today, but just now I come in quietness and silence to wait for You to fill me. Amen."

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 2010/5/29 12:28

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 Re: Alone With God- A.W. Tozer

Thank you for sharing, thingsabove!

I was meditating on this passage (and similar passages) this week. There is nothing like "getting away" and spending time (whether alone or corporately) with God and His people. I came to the Lord at a Christian summer camp at a young age. In fact, most of the Churches that I attended as a teenager often sent youth to camp (or even adults for "retreats"). Those camps served to strengthen the faith of many attendees.

I think that there is something wonderful about finding a place to "get away from it all," shutting out the world and getting alone with God. We should, of course, do this in our prayer closets or a "family altar" (although I prefer calling it a "family prayer closet"). It would be wonderful if gatherings of the elect were conducted with this goal in mind.

Unfortunately, I have attended many congregations where either the cares and influences of the world were quite present...or they simply lacked the simplicity and purity of a Gospel of simply loving and knowing Jesus through convoluted Church doctrines. I even attended one congregation where the pastor admitted that he went out of his way to "involve" the congregation in extracurricular activities (and even ministry) because he attended a seminar where he was told that this provokes allegiance to the congregation. I wanted to ask him about what he does to provoke more important "allegiance" to prayer, Bible study, worship and fasting -- or getting the church in "one accord" when it comes to seeking and knowing God.

My wife and I were considering the oft-quoted words of Hebrews 10 this week. Hebrews 10:25 speaks about not forsaking "the assembling of ourselves together." Yet, the end of that verse and the verse preceding it mentions the purpose for that assembly:

24 And let us consider one another TO PROVOKE UNTO LOVE AND TO GOOD WORKS:
25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; BUT EXHORTING ONE ANOTHER: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Hebrews 10:24-25

Thanks for the reminder!


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Very well put. You have put in a concise and encouraging manner the important things of our life.

 2010/5/29 15:41

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